YAC – Yet Another Cleaner & Optimizer for Windows


  1. The downloaded setup file, downloads the installation from the website. Maybe that is why you received a warning. I installed in on my Windows 8.1, and my Kaspersky gave no warnings.

  2. First, if I cannot get the offline installer, I don’t download it. There is no way of telling what kind of junk an online installer is going to dump on your system.
    Second, from a screenshot at the YAC website ….
    “You have 22 days without medical examination, we recommended immediate experience”
    What in the world does that even mean?
    These Chinese programmers really need to hire some GOOD English translators
    Thanks but no thanks, I’ll stick with the tried and true CCleaner

  3. Just downloaded it & let it fix afew things. Seems OK so far but had to disable Norton 360 to download it. The YAC site claimed Norton approved it so that shouldn’t have happened!

  4. Afraid I deleted it – it was TOO good – killed my ‘Store’ app in Win 8.1. Had to use a restore point to get it back. Pity.

  5. Works well but well but make shore every other security system is switched off or your pc/laptop will come to a stop

  6. Norton just removed the download from my system. Suspicious.cloud.9 threat, whatever that is.


  7. Does this website want to get blacklisted? Yet Another Cleaner is rogue software you dipshits!

  8. How is it rogue? It makes a great job, genuinely getting rid of a lot of junk files and plugins (I’ve checked it’s real) and detecting real existing virus that were removed and never came back.

  9. Thank you, Mr. Khanse. I think as time wore on, from the date of your original report, this software firm just revealed how dishonorable it actually is. Otherwise, I continue to find your website very interesting with all the information & tips you offer! 🙂

  10. I have noticed one trend. Folks launch freeware as clean files. Blogs and websites cover them in good faith. Once they get the exposure, come bundle the files with crapware. What we can do is remove the links, once readers like you bring it to our notice. 🙂

  11. I agree. What’s particularly aggravating, to both users and legitimate software firms, is the theft of the work and property of someone else, then the audacity to charge customers for a poor imitation of a product that is already free.

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