YAC – Yet Another Cleaner & Optimizer for Windows

Yet Another Cleaner or YAC is another all-round Windows Optimizer. You can get to examine, clean, protect, fix and boost the performance of your Windows computer. This powerful and superfast cleaner gives you all the apt features to fix the components on your system, along with enhancing the speed for convenience, at your disposal.
YAC Yet Another Cleaner

Yet Another Cleaner or YAC

YAC not only cleans your Windows, but also offers various other options such as safeguarding your browser from risky plug-ins, protecting the current browser plug-ins, protects your online privacy by clearing the browser history and much more which even a novice can easily understand and operate this amazing software, which comes at absolutely no cost.

Let’s now look at the features YAC All-Round PC Optimizer offers:

Health Check

YAC PC Optimizer-health check

This feature helps in detecting the issues hampering the system’s health and then also fixes the ones you choose from the list of junk, showing the strongly recommended fixes, with the number of files and size covered on your hard disk.

YAC PC Optimizer-protection

This feature enables protection against websites demanding sensitive information such as e-shopping portals, virus-prone browser plug-ins and various other settings with regards to your web privacy and usage. For plug-ins, there is a separate feature which enlists the entire list of plug-ins, which are active/inactive on various browsers on your system and then allows you to enable/disable them according your specific requirements.

Quick Clean & Deep Clean

This is the best part about this super software, which, along with fixing errors, also gives you the option to clean your system for unnecessary junk lying around on your system, eating up the unnecessary disk space. And, you get two options for this too, a quick clean every now and then and a deep clean, suggested at least once a week, for vigorous online users.

System Boost
YAC PC Optimizer-system-boost

This incredible feature speeds up your system in one go, by identifying those programs or tools which hamper the boot time of your PC. It simply scans, locates and optimizes the boot time by managing the start-up programs, as required.

Software Manager

And when we think these settings are more than enough for this amazing software to offer, YAC All Round PC Optimizer proves that it’s indeed an all-rounder! Yet another great feature, which makes this software fully agile and compact, is the software manager. And it’s not just a regular software manager; it shows the ratings of every software, the removal percentage and other important details.

Do remember that it is best to create a system restore point first before making any changes to your computer. We also suggest that you examine each recommendation made by this freeware software – and not just blindly select all and apply them. Also read the comments before you decide, you want to download it.

You can download this software hereNOTE: Link removed. Please read comments before you decide to download and use it – especially the one by GoneFishing.

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