PrivaZer: Freeware Power-packed Privacy Tool & Cleaner for Windows

Its been quite some time since any freeware system cleaner has enthused me so much, as has PrivaZer. Sure, I like many junk file and registry cleaners, but the UI and the options I saw in PrivaZer truly impressed me.

PrivaZer is junk file, temporary file, registry cleaner, a history remover and a privacy cleaner, all packed in one. It will look for, in every nook and corner of your Windows computert, and clean  out the junk and traces for you. Not only that, it will delete the junk, using 1 pass … or even 35 passes, should you be so paranoid about your computing and surfing habits.

PrivaZer Review

Having liked what I read about it on its home page, I decided to take it for a run. I downloaded the file and was pleasantly surprised to see that the installer file gave me 3 options to choose from. I could opt for:

  1. A regular installation
  2. Run it without installation
  3. Generate its portable version.

I chose the last one!

Clicking on Next, brought me to a windows which asked how I wanted PrivaZer to treat my Cookies. I chose the default recommended option.

Next you will have to choose the operation. I selected the Scan in-depth operation for my C Drive.

In the Advanced options, you will be offered various options. You can choose to delete the PageFile.sys file at every shutdown or just once, the next time. You can also select to enable or disable Hibernation, backup Registry, and enable and disable Windows Search Indexing. Once you have set your option, click on Back.

Next you will be greeted by the main interface. The software will scan your system and then offer you options on what all it can clean for you. 18 areas are offered.

Clicking on any item will give you addtional information about what exactly will be cleaned.

The tool will not just clean up your Registry, but it will also examine unallocated space within the Registry and detect deleted & changed registry keys, as well.

PrivaZer can, with a single click, let you clean securely:

  • Internet browsers
  • Index.dat
  • Cookies
  • Cookies Tor
  • Cookies Flash
  • Cookies Silverlight
  • DOM Storage
  • IndexedDB
  • AppCache
  • Registry
  • RAM
  • Pagefile.sys
  • Hiberfil.sys file
  • Junk created by Software
  • Messengers
  • Histories of visited websites
  • Viewed videos
  • Opened docs
  • Jumplists
  • Temp files
  • Log files
  • Invalid Prefetch entries
  • Indexing service
  • ThumbCaches
  • Thumbs.db
  • Residual traces of deleted files
  • Free space
  • File table (MFT or FAT)
  • INDEX attributes in MFT
  • USN Journal
  • Recycle bin
  • And more!

The clean up will be detailed, rest assured! For instance under Cookies, it will not only delete the regular Cookies, but also Flash Cookies, Silverlight and DOM storage Cookies. The clean up will cover traces in the MFT, the USN Journal and even the system memory.

I selected all the available options and clicked on Scan. The scan may take a couple of minutes, especially if its the first time you are running the tool.

Once the scan is completed, you will be asked what you want to do next – ie, how you’d like the clean up to be done. As I mentioned earlier, PrivaZer does not just delete the files, it performs US Dept of Defense grade file wiping that makes deleted data unrecoverable. I selected the 1 Pass clean up.

Your first clean up may take a while depending on the amount of junk and traces found. If you wish, you can click on the Shutdown PC after cleaning option and go away, knowing that your PC will shutdown once the job is done.

Once the clean up is completed, you will be presented with the details and statistics.

Another fine feature of the software is that it also lets you Restore the System or Registry to a prior state, before the clean up was undertaken.

The program lets you schedule clean ups too – but for that you will have to do a proper installation – the portable version will not do that.

PrivaZer Download

I have tried PrivaZer on my Windows 7, 64-bit laptop, and it worked just fine. Re-booted – no issues faced!

But as I have always been mentioning – it is always a good idea to create a system restore point first before making any changes, so that you can revert back, should you not like the changes.

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Anand Khanse is the Admin of, a 10-year Microsoft MVP Awardee in Windows (2006-16) & a Windows Insider MVP. Please read the entire post & the comments first, create a System Restore Point before making any changes to your system & be careful about any 3rd-party offers while installing freeware.