Free Data Recovery Software: Recover deleted files & folders


  1. I recommend to have at least two. I have Recuva and Minitool, but Recuva seems to detect more deleted files.

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  3. Recuva is the best tool for recover files Computer Technology Information and Uses in the World

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  5. To recover deleted files and folders, H-Data Recovery Master is a wise option for it supports 350+file formats recovery

  6. i rqstd for free data recvery frm dvd
    it came with trial period and then buy in usd
    whereas i have cdr and it is free

    sir gg


  7. Good day, I just read this post and based on your description it can do more than only recover files. and are all of those features that you mentioned included in the free version? Because we all know that every recovery tool can restore deleted files no doubt about it, but the added features are great, because I am using Acethinker Disk Recovery and its great for a free version because the premium features are accessible over the free version. Hope you can answer my question. Thanks in advace.

  8. Thanks for sharing such type of nice and valuable information with having lost my files from Hard drive and Phone memory card while transferring data how can I recover the files and data .Please help.

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