Razer Cortex Game Booster for Windows PC

Who does not like playing the latest games on their PC? But all these modern games demand performance and better hardware capabilities. Have you ever wondered whether or not if you are using your hardware components efficiently while playing games? Maybe you could extract a little more juice and play your favorite game with better graphics quality. In this post, we are exactly going to talk about how to do this. We’ve covered a free Game Booster software for Windows PC called Razer Cortex that lets you optimize your PC for Gaming.

Razer Cortex Game Booster

Optimizing here means allotting maximum resources to the game, making it run smoother. This can be achieved by killing tasks and applications that are not required while playing a game. Killing tasks will free up resources that can be further used by games. Other than that, Razer Cortex provides you with all the statistics you will ever need after you’ve finished your gaming session. Also, the tool automatically reverts the computer to the original state after you’ve played your game.

Although it comes preloaded with most of the settings and configuration, you can adjust them to finetune your overall gaming experience. Setting up this tool is pretty easy, all you need to is run the installer file and you are good to go.

To start using the tool, you need to create a Razer account. This can be done from the tool itself or you can go to the website. Once you’ve verified your email and logged into the application, you can start adding your games. Although the tool automatically scans your computer for games you can also manually add them.

Now you can quickly go to ‘GAME BOOSTER‘ tab to select the available optimizations and tweaks. The number displayed under the boosts indicate the number of items that will be optimized to free up more RAM for your game. And the number under tweak indicates the number of items that can be optimized to speed up your system’s performance. You can execute both ‘Tweak’ and ‘Boost’ right away, or they will be automatically executed once you start a game. Your computer’s specifications can also be viewed under the ‘My Rig’ tab.

Razer Cortex is not just a game booster; it comes with other in-game media features too. For example, the tool allows you take screenshots and record videos from your games.

You can also enable the inbuilt Gamecaster overlay. The Gamecaster overlay brings some essential in-game features right in front of you. Apart from that, you can also enable the FPS overlay to monitor the live performance of your game. Moreover, you can set hotkeys to instantly enable/disable these overlays from the game.

Razer Cortex Game Booster

The tool supports most of the streaming platforms like Twitch. And you can even enable hotkeys so that you can instantly start streaming from the game itself. Most of the important features are also accessible from the system tray, and you can directly launch your games from there.

Razer Cortex is arguably the best free game booster software available for Windows PC. It is a must-have tool if you play a lot of games on your computer. You may notice a considerable improvement in the graphics quality after you install this tool. Remember that while optimizing your computer, the tool may temporarily close your applications. So, make sure you have saved all your data before starting a gaming session. Apart from boosting features, the in-game overlay features offered by the tool are just amazing. The live FPS overlay lets you monitor your games and know the extra FPS provided by Razer Cortex: Boost itself.

Click here to download Razer Cortex.

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