System Mechanic Free: Review of Windows Optimizer


  1. I stopped using programs like this a long time ago, since they removed windows files etc. important things that windows needs.

  2. System mech like other so called optimizers only work in peoples imagination. I mean who really thinks that you can speed up your system with a reg cleaner?

  3. @disqus_VSmNo8mwTx:disqus You’re Correct, if you wish to speed up your System, Increase its RAM, I mean 32bit OS limits you to 4GB RAM, a 64bit OS with 16GB RAM, will improve the speed then, change the Processor Configuration, if using Intel, then, go for i5 or i7 instead of i3.
    Changing the Hardware Config will improve the Speed of the System, not any OS Cleaner Software, the only use for these Softwares’ is Privacy & Security.

  4. I used CCleaner before and i do still, but there’s things in CCLeaner that i will never do again, and that’s because it keept removing important regedit files…

  5. The modern Windows operating system is a self-cleaning oven. It is also a complete operating system. I use Windows Defender and the built-in Administrative Tools for a tune-up but, CCleaner is nice to have.

  6. CCleaner never removed important registry files for me. Besides, when it cleans the registry, it always asks if you want to back up those files, so you should always be able to restore them.

  7. Hi all – I forgot to declare the results and distribute the free licenses before leaving for my vacation to Iceland. I will be back by 10th June. Will do the needful after that. Sorry about that.

  8. Congratulations to the following winners.

    Abdullah Shaik
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