System Mechanic Free: Review of Windows Optimizer

For many of those that have been looking to optimize their PCs, System Mechanic is not a new name. The leading PC optimization program has been around for quite a while now and continues to be one of the most popular ways out there for tuning up a Windows PC. We have already covered its Free version earlier and conducted a giveaway of its Standard version on this site.

What many people might not be familiar with is that Iolo technologies, the maker of System Mechanic, also has a free offering, System Mechanic Free. This free Windows optimizer software offers some of the features in the full version of System Mechanic without a price, System Mechanic Free actually offers more PC optimization tools than a lot of the other exclusively free PC tune-up software programs. On top of this, what makes System Mechanic Free such a valuable tool, is that it can allow those that are interested in a program like System Mechanic, to try something out for free to see if they like it before they take the plunge and pay for the program.

System Mechanic Free review


Interested in the unique aspect of System Mechanic Free, we decided to give the latest version of the program, System Mechanic Free 14.5, a try.

Before we jump into what we think about System Mechanic Free, here is some of what is in the latest version. System Mechanic Free includes seven complete features:

1] Registry Tuner – Addressing the PC’s Registry, Registry Tuner diagnoses and addresses many of the hard to identify problems, slowdowns and lags that trouble PCs. A highly-advanced feature, Registry Tuner does some of the dirty work that can be difficult with manual cleaning in Windows.

2] Startup Optimizer – Just like it sounds, Startup Optimizer automatically takes on the issues that cause slow PC start-ups and reduces the start time for machines once they are turned on.

3] Memory Mechanic – This feature gets back the RAM that has been compromised by memory leaks and sloppy programs. This one is a feature that gives a quick boost of speed to PCs, like a shot of PC adrenaline.

4] PC Cleanup – A lot of PCs are just plain messy inside, and this feature can get in there and take care of that clutter and junk like a dust buster.

5] Drive Accelerator – Takes on defragmentation to improve load times, startup and the overall speed of a PC.

6] Shortcut Repair – Fixes broken Windows shortcut icons that may be slowing down a PC.

7] Internet Connection Repair – Repairs broken Internet connections that are making the PC experience a more frustrating one.

Okay, now that we know what is in System Mechanic Free, the question is, is it a program worth checking out? The short answer is yes, but here are some of the specific reasons why System Mechanic Free is a great product.

It’s free – Obviously, a big part of why System Mechanic Free is a great product is the fact that it doesn’t cost anything. That’s why it’s in the name, I guess. It’s pretty simple, you can utilize this program without having to pay anything, and that is an incredible aspect of the product. This aspect is made even more valuable, as it offers those that are interested in the full version of System Mechanic a try to gauge whether or not they might like the program.

It works – Plain and simple, System Mechanic Free does the job of improving the performance of a PC. System Mechanic’s feature set noticeably speeds up PCs, makes them run smoother and makes them easier to use.

It’s easy to use – This is a dream come true of a free program for those that are looking to optimize their PC but don’t know a ton about the nuts and bolts of a machine.

If you are interested in trying out System Mechanic Free or learning more about the program, you can check it out here You will have to download the web installer. Once you run it, it will download the setup file which will run and install the Free version automatically. You will also be offered the option to save the setup file to your computer. You will also be required to request a license for the free version by mail.

Read: System Mechanic Professional Review.

Giveaway – System Mechanic Standard version

System Mechanic is available in the Standard version and Pro version.  System Mechanic Standard version normally costs $49.95, but ten licenses are being offered free to TWC readers. To win a license, simply share this giveaway on your favorite social media channel and post its status URL here. The winner’s names will be announced here after 10 days, and the licenses mailed to them by me.

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Anand Khanse is the Admin of, a 10-year Microsoft MVP Awardee in Windows (2006-16) & a Windows Insider MVP. Please read the entire post & the comments first, create a System Restore Point before making any changes to your system & be careful about any 3rd-party offers while installing freeware.


  1. master3395

    I stopped using programs like this a long time ago, since they removed windows files etc. important things that windows needs.

  2. DutchPete

    CCleaner does not do those “bad” things: it is well-behaved & does an excellent job.

  3. Alan Wade

    System mech like other so called optimizers only work in peoples imagination. I mean who really thinks that you can speed up your system with a reg cleaner?

  4. Stevan Cvetkovi?

    Stevan Cvetkovi?

  5. Vince Thor

    @disqus_VSmNo8mwTx:disqus You’re Correct, if you wish to speed up your System, Increase its RAM, I mean 32bit OS limits you to 4GB RAM, a 64bit OS with 16GB RAM, will improve the speed then, change the Processor Configuration, if using Intel, then, go for i5 or i7 instead of i3.
    Changing the Hardware Config will improve the Speed of the System, not any OS Cleaner Software, the only use for these Softwares’ is Privacy & Security.

  6. master3395

    I used CCleaner before and i do still, but there’s things in CCLeaner that i will never do again, and that’s because it keept removing important regedit files…

  7. Geo Aachen

    Thank you so much for this perfect giveaway! It’s an useful tool for PC users to improve their computers’ performance.

  8. The modern Windows operating system is a self-cleaning oven. It is also a complete operating system. I use Windows Defender and the built-in Administrative Tools for a tune-up but, CCleaner is nice to have.

  9. DutchPete

    CCleaner never removed important registry files for me. Besides, when it cleans the registry, it always asks if you want to back up those files, so you should always be able to restore them.

  10. LifeOnEarth

    If you put this crapware on your PC, you get what you deserve.

  11. Harry Malhotra

    Who is the winners of this contest?

  12. stevan

    Very good software,thanks for giveway.

  13. Hi all – I forgot to declare the results and distribute the free licenses before leaving for my vacation to Iceland. I will be back by 10th June. Will do the needful after that. Sorry about that.

  14. Congratulations to the following winners.

    Abdullah Shaik
    Harry Malhotra
    Juan Figueroa
    Geo Aachen
    Pardeep Gupta
    Steven Clements
    David Medlin
    Rohit Roy
    Eliasz Nowak

    You will see the licenses in your Inbox in 2 days.

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