SysHarderner lets you harden Windows settings to make it more secure

Ransomware and various other virus attacks are quite common these days. No matter how good your anti-virus software is, your computer is never 100% safe. You have to keep your PC updated with latest versions of software you are using, you have to keep a check on your privacy settings and much more. While there are many applications available on the internet made for hardening your PC security, we recently came across the SysHardener by NoVirusThanks.

SysHardener also comes as a portable program and thus you don’t need to install it. Just download it and run it on your system. The program is compatible with both 64-bit as well as 32-bit versions of Windows.

As the name suggests, SysHardener is a program designed to harden your system security. The main interface is quite user-friendly but it may require some technical knowledge to use it.

SysHardener – Harden Windows security

Windows PCs by default has some security settings but there are ways you can further harden the security settings to keep cyber-attacks away. To make the PC more secure, you need to tweak your Windows settings a bit and this is where SysHardener helps you. So, basically, it is a settings tweaking software which brings all settings option in one place and helps you make your Windows PC even more secure.

You can check the settings of your PC and check or uncheck according to your own preferences. For example, you can control the user account settings, change the behavior of UAC prompts for users and administrators, adjust the Windows security tweaks, Disable the unused Windows services, the vulnerable software can be turned on or off, adjust the Windows Firewall settings (inbound and outbound) and more. You just have to scroll down the settings one by one and make changes.

SysHardener - Harden Windows security

Make sure you know what changes you are making and how it can affect your PC’s performance. Removing the file type associations or changing the Registry Entries might cripple some of the programs running on your PC. Thus it is very important to understand each setting before making any changes.

While this looks like a simple program, but it certainly asks for need patience and experience to configure the Windows settings here. The program, however, helps you understand the changes and their effects. There are small exclamation marks with some of the tweaks, which warn you about the issues that may occur. Just hover over those marks and you can read the instruction or the warning associated.

The software is focused mainly on the security and thus also lets you adjust the features of installed applications and software on your PC. With SysHardener, you can tweak the settings of programs like Foxit Reader, Kingsoft WPS Office, Microsoft Office and Adobe Reader.

Once you are done with the selections, click on Apply Selected and the program will make the required changes. You have to reboot your PC to take the changes effect.

SysHardener is indeed a simple and comprehensive program to tweak the Windows configuration but it certainly requires basic technical knowledge about how Windows PC works. Read the instructions and warnings carefully before applying any changes.

SysHardener also has the direct links to all your PC tools under the tab of System Tools. These links take you to the tool directly from the program. You can download the SysHardener here. We recommend that you create a system restore point first before using this tool.

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