How to set up and use Windows Hello in Windows 10 to sign in


  1. I have been trying for two hours to sign in to Microsoft. I am am so frustrated. I lost my tool icon, solitaire etc. etc. this is no good

  2. Unless you bought your computer with a fingerprint scanner or a camera that is compatible with Hello, and I am assuming that you just updated from 7 or 8.1, you likely don’t have the hardware that Hello would need to work properly, thus, you’ll not see the options nor is there a way for them to show up. I don’t have them either.
    This information is quite easily found in this article, too, by the way.

  3. Unsure what you mean by tool icon (I’m assuming that you mean Control Panel) but a lot of those features were moved into a new, easier to use, app called Settings. And as for your other apps, a lot of times, when you update to a new operating system, you have the chance of losing some apps and files unless you do a clean install of the new operating system overtop of your old one. That sounds like what happened to you. The only solution that you have at this point is to reinstall them all.

  4. How does Microsoft makes this magic?? I was using my fingerprint to login on Win10 and…. sometime… it STOPS WORKING!! How Bill Gates??? How can you do this stupid things with us???

  5. “Now we have a list compatible devices”…. I think this is your answer!

  6. windows 10 is HORRIBLE….absolutley HORRIBLE……nothing is easy anymore….all difficult and for the older people HORRIBLE.

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