1. Artem

    How can I Disconnect or Remove work account in Work access section?

    I need to make this binding to another account. But I can not do that because that already have a work account

  2. Parul Gupta

    Hello Artem, this problem is still now active (as per status on 06.08.2016), he can’t help you because he is unable to fix this problem, truly.

  3. I am sorry I do not have any idea – but I think you would have to deactivate it from the AD or MDM, and then add a fresh account.

  4. I would be happy if you could help him, rather than just spamming.

  5. Rabbitlegs

    Windows 10 has just finished updating. I now have to both put my password in and then my pin. How to remove one of them?

  6. Dave Raxsdale

    The change password setup is confusing. I went to change the password and it changed my Microsoft account password, but the PC password didn’t change. I don’t see a separate section to change the PC password. How do I do this?

  7. jomouk

    For a friend – no, seriously – she has been locked to of her hotmail account, seemingly permanently, and so has set up a gmail account. Her log in screen still displays her hotmail address – can she change this?

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