Sleep Mode not working in Windows 10


  1. troubleshooter detects no issues, restarted still cant keep computer in sleep. guess i have to do a shutdown instead of sleep.. this is so annoying.

  2. all the fix force users to use “balance power plan”, all other plans are useless then why don’t just remove them all… windows 8 sucks!

  3. Well listen to yourself you big overweight baby!!! You’re a mac lover, so why are you even using Windows (which by the way is far superior than a barrel of macintosh apples)!!!
    It’s strange that my computer was not forced to use the “balanced power plan” at all but rather remained with the “High Performance!” And this fixed my issue perfectly.
    Instead of crying and snorting, I’d suggest you take your Commodore 64 and buy a Tonka Toy!!!

  4. It’s kind of annoying that here we are in 2015 and Windows 8.1 still has problems with power management. This is an old problem that has been solved by other systems many years ago.

    Also, this page is just as poorly thought-through. I came here because my Windows 8.1 PC does not go to sleep. I followed the instructions but did not get any solution. Then I saw the link on this page suggesting there was another page specifically for “Windows does not go to sleep.” But this link takes us to a page with other instructions that won’t work and a link “Sleep Mode is not working in Windows 8.1!…” to this page. Does anyone review this material before it is published?

    Oh, and Robert Shuste … get a life.

  5. I don’t know about anyone else but all the above solutions and many other suggestions have proven not to work for me. After several hours of testing and experimenting, the only solution which works for me is to ensure hybrid sleep is enabled and wake timers disabled in your advanced power plan settings.Then set turn off monitor to never and set your time for sleep, Mine is set for 10 minutes. Lo and behold my laptop now enters sleep every time.Tested and proven by sitting at my laptop for several hours with setting my time for sleep to 1 minute with monitor turn off set to never and observing if it consistently entered sleep mode after 1 minute. My laptop entered sleep every time. Apparently, now I could be wrong, having the monitor set to turn off with sleep is conflicting with sleep mode in windows 8.1. The monitor does not have to be set to turn off as it turns off anyway when computer enters sleep so try setting the monitor to turn off never and set your sleep to whatever suits your needs and tell me if this solutions works for you. It worked for me.

  6. In response to my own reply, I neglected to mention, ensure your homegroup provider and listener are both stopped and disabled in services. I do not know if this makes a difference but mine were already disabled and stopped when I tried setting monitor to never turn off. So why tempt fate by re enabling them unless you need homegroup, lol. Personally, I do not need homegroup.

  7. Thanks Leo, using you method above fixed my HP Folio 9470m w/ Windows 8.1 sleep timer problem.

  8. This name-calling comment is rude and distasteful on this forum. Please refrain from doing this again. If you must hate people, keep it to yourself.

  9. Sometimes sleep mode issues are hardware related. I recently had to replace my power supply for this very reason. It would hibernate every time I told it to sleep. For ATX power supplies, Pin 9 is the one that keeps a small amount of power going to the motherboard while it is “powered down” or “asleep”… this is what allows for the ability of the machine to wake-on-lan, wake up when you move the mouse/keyboard, etc. I replaced the old power supply this past weekend (yes, the get age and go bad over time, we just never think about them, out of sight out of mind) and sure enough all is as it should be now.

  10. Windows 8.1 Sleep Mode finally fixed! The two-step solution (for
    me) was:
    1.) Set the Windows screen saver to require me to enter password to log back
    2.) Power Options configuration: set the desired number of minutes for PC to go
    to sleep.
    Prior to this, I set two devices to not allow them to wake up the PC: HID
    compliant mouse, and the Keyboard. It still wouldn’t automatically sleep, but
    steps 1 and 2 above seem to have gotten it right.

  11. The solution I found is not to select the “Never” option under “When to turn off the display” in Power Options. Selecting 5 hours fixes the “will not sleep when lid is closed” bug.

  12. Absolutely worthless; reset my options for turning off display and sleep delay, but did nothing about powrprof.dll’s failure to sleep on command.

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