Sleep Mode not working in Windows 10

Many times, we need to put our Windows computer into the Sleep Mode, so that we can instantly wake and use it when we need it, without losing the time required for booting it. But sometimes, Windows will not Sleep.  If Windows refuses to sleep or won’t go into sleep mode, then this post will show you how to fix the Sleep Mode not working problem

Recently, we have seen how to enable or disable password requirement at wake up. After upgrading one of my system, I have found that the sleep functionality was no longer working on that system.

Windows Sleep Mode not working

In order to fix this issue, we need to correctly configure Windows Power Plan settings. You need to open Power Options and check the Sleep settings when on Battery and when Plugged in. Also open Advanced Power Opttions and check the Sleep settings.

You may also update your drivers to their latest versions.

From the Control Panel or Settings, you need to open the Power Troubleshooter.


Once the Power Troubleshooter, you have to click Next option:


This will start the automatic detection and fixing of issues.


When the troubleshooting has been completed, you can click Close.


Now you can reboot the machine, after a restart, you’ll find that the issue is already fixed.

In Windows 10, you use the Windows Troubleshooters Settings page to access the Power Troubleshooter.

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Hope you find the post useful helps!

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