How To Make Windows 10 Auto Login After Sleep Using Registry


  1. ^^ Try SFC /SCANNOW command in administrative Command Prompt. If problem persists, try creating new user account and see if that helps.

  2. Got the above instructions to work on my Surface Pro 3, my Latitude 10, and a friend’s Surface Pro 3. Shortly after my friend brought it back to me with the same problem. It appears that if you add an Exchange account to the Metro Mail, it will reset security policies. I confirmed this on my working Latitude 10. After adding my corporate mail account to the Metro Mail, I’m now again being prompted to login after waking from sleep. I’ve been unable to remove the security policies getting the device back to it’s state before adding the Exchange account. Just an FYI.

  3. I do not have DelayLockInterval in my registry. It goes from DursorBlinkRate to DockMoving. I have been struggling with this password thing for days now. I have changed the “Password is not required after sleep” and rebooted several times and it still asks for the password when it wakes up. We set the computer to never sleep and it still sleeps. It is extremely annoying… thanks for your help.

  4. I don’t have a password on my machine, but when I wake it up, it goes to a splash screen where I have to press any key to get to the desktop. How can I make windows 8 wake to the desktop instead of that splash screen? If I don’t hit any key within like a minute, it goes back to sleep. Can’t really do this remotely and I don’t have peripherals connected to this pc.

    EDIT: I think I just found the answer to my problem…

  5. It’s possible the registry may not exist. In which case you would need to create it yourself. All you would do is make a new registry at the location specified in the article with the same key name (that is, “DelayLockInterval”) as a DWORD type in hex base. The actual value should be set to 0.

    What this is doing is just creating what is not there (for whatever reason). The article presumes the registry key already exists.

  6. I need some help with this. I do NOT have the “Password policy” option on my Sign-in options, and I do NOT have a DWORD for “DelayLockInterval.” I created one, set its value to 0, and restarted, but it did not fix the problem. There is only one user account for the computer.

  7. Hi I followed all the instructions that you recommend however it didn’t resolve the problem

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