Change Power Plan, Settings & Options; Create Custom Power Plans in Windows 10


  1. Hi, i have install windows 8 on my notebook ivy bridge core i7 3610qm.
    When i change the max energy level of processor on advanced settings power plan from 100% to 99% or less windows 8 disable turbo boost tecnology,
    Example max frequency in turbo 3.20 mhz, max without turbo 2.30 mhz when i diminish the max level energy of processor 99% or less, frequency goes to 2.23mhz or less..
    In windows 7 that i use for about 2 month, when i try this the max goes 3.10mhz.
    this little option make my heating diminish around 8-10 degress celcius and this helps my notbook.
    Do you have any idea?
    ps i try to format more then once and the results are the same, i try many drivers like intel managemnt engine, chipset ecc, and i have read that other persons have the same issue.

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