How to enable Ultimate Performance Power Plan in Windows 10


  1. Hello,
    You write “This mode is not available on systems which use a battery, as it will drain the battery very fast, and also affect your battery life.”
    But you write further “but beware of battery and power usage.”
    It is an evident contradiction

  2. Sorry about that. I have made a few changes to clarify – By default this mode is available on workstations only. This mode is not available on systems which use a battery. But using this hack you can enable this for all. But if you enable it on a device using Battery, the battery will be drained fast. You can enable it on your Desktop as well.

  3. This seems to have fixed a lot of the issues that I’m having with SLI. So I have a software to automatically change to this power plan when I boot a game up and it changes back to Balanced Mode as soon as I’m done.

  4. You have to have the latest Windows 10 which should be 1803 to be able to do this.

  5. I actually have this enabled on my custom gaming machine and it fixes a lot of microstuttering that I get with SLI.

  6. I just enabled the “Ultimate performance” power plan and reset all the
    other plans to their defaults then listed all the settings and their values. Turns
    out “Ultimate performance” is nothing more than “High performance” but
    with hard disks not turning off. Whoop-Dee-Doo! Did we really need an
    additional power plan just for that?!

  7. Performing a diff on “powercfg /query” when using both High Performance and “‘Ultimate’ Performance” shows what the differences in the power mode is:

    1) Ultimate Performance does not allow the HDD to sleep.
    2) Ultimate Performance does not force maximum performance when on battery. It prioritizes medium power saving measurements while on battery, as opposed to High Performance which does, in fact, force high performance.
    3) Everything else is identical to High Performance.

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