Laptop Battery indicator icon showing battery as empty in spite of being full


  1. I changed my OS from Win 7 ultimate to pro and now I get this irritating message that I should replace my battery. Could you open a forum that discusses this issue in depth? Thanks.

  2. Batteries showing incorrect charge or incorrect charging/AC-connection is often more than just Windows Registry’s “iconstream” data being off, as this article deals with. More often, it is an indication that something is really wrong with the battery or its calibration or the BIOS/UEFI or the motherboard.

    If the issue is one as simple as the one this article covers, this small utility will help:
    Notification Area Cleaner Tool v1.0
    Copyright © 2010 Igor Tolmachev, IT Samples
    It cleans up ALL incorrect Notification Area Icons (you may have to run it twice), including all of those for programs no longer running that should have been removed. And though it was not designed to do this, it can sometimes “un-freeze” Windows when an app has crashed and you cannot terminate with TaskManager… WITHOUT having to reboot. 🙂 And it’s portable. I love it.

  3. Yes, “no battery detected” upon mouse hover as well. I was happy to find this article, which enlightened my state of “what’s wrong now”. I did solutions 2 & 3 (great thinking) to no avail. We’ll see how it does on startup. I’m going to go ahead and work with it today, as it shows plugged in with no battery detected.

    Some laptops will run w/ no battery but on AC power . . . I don’t have one of those :), so know that the battery IS actually working in my case as well.

    Thanks for posting.

  4. Especially in my case, where I’ve been purchasing lower-cost batteries via Ebay, etc. Despite having used only U.S. dealers, my current battery indicates to be from China . . . not an inherent problem itself, but I have seen it printed around that batteries purchased in this way (and not from your local office supply store) can be risky to use in a laptop, as we all know the regulation need not match that to which we’re accustomed. It’s been stated that these items ‘unmatched’ to our standards can damage laptops if not corrected, and can start heat-related contact burns/ fires. So, great point you’ve made regarding whether “iconstream data” is throwing issues as us or actually a funny battery.

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