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Free Battery Limiter software for Windows 10

Batteries are probably the most volatile component in modern-day computers. Batteries wear out before any other component does, and taking good care of batteries is essential for more efficiency and longer life. We often use battery monitors to keep an […]

How to check Battery level using Command line in Windows 10

With every new update, Microsoft works on optimizing the battery levels of a computer running Windows 10. If someone wants to check the battery levels of a computer using Command Prompt or Windows PowerShell, it is now possible. This method […]

How to change Sleep settings on Windows 10

How to change Sleep settings on Windows 10

Windows comes with an idle feature which puts a computer into Sleep Mode to save energy and battery life.  In Sleep Mode, the computer halts all the activities, and the state is saved. When you are up to handle the […]

Windows laptop turns off when unplugged

If you are facing the problem where your Windows 10 laptop turns off when unplugged, even with a new Battery, then this post could be helpful for you. The most obvious reason for a laptop shutting down immediately after unplugging […]

Enable or Disable Battery Limit in Surface devices

How to Enable or Disable Battery Limit in Surface devices

Batteries have a declining life. As you keep charging and discharging, the time Surface runs on battery declines. To make sure battery lasts longer, many of us keep our Surface plugged in unless we have to work on the go. […]

surface battery not charging

Surface Pro or Surface Book battery not charging

Surface devices, especially the Surface Book devices are pretty complex. The Surface Book’s display can be taken off to be used as a tablet whereas the Surface Pro is a tablet which gets an external keyboard (type cover) and a […]

How to fix Battery drain issues in Windows 10

Managing the battery usage is the foremost aspect of an electronic device in order to conserve the performance of the battery and prolong the battery life. Moreover, Windows 10 is constantly upgraded, adding new features that ease the management of […]

system battery is low

Alert, System battery voltage is low

There appears to be no single solution for ‘Alert, System battery voltage is low’ error message which you may see during boot. It flashes on your computer screen, prompting a user to strike the F1 key to continue, F2 to […]

power throttling

How to Enable or Disable Power Throttling in Windows 10

Windows 10 v1709 introduces a new power-saving technology called Power Throttling. A unique feature of this technology is that while still giving users access to powerful multitasking capabilities, it improves battery life by running background work in a power-efficient manner. […]

Laptop Battery Usage Tips & Optimization Guide for Windows

The Power Management technologies in Windows provide platform and processor efficiencies that reduce power consumption and can help lower energy costs. It also provides a better user experience with longer battery life for specific scenarios. Laptop Battery Usage Tips Here […]