Fix: Hibernate shuts down computer running Windows PC


  1. I am having the same problem. Thank you for posting your solution. I will try this now and hope for the best.

  2. I had another problem for those out there who 8.1 PC’S WILL NOT HIBERNATE OR SLEEP AND IT JUST SITS THERE WITH FANS AND LIGHTS BUT SCREEN BLANKS OFF ..I JUST FIXED MINES on another forum someone uninstalled the VM oracle (virtual box ) someone also had some sort of cisco driver that was network related and it worked for about 4 of them out of 4!

    BTW I had did a system restore at first & everything worked after it would not hibernate or sleep.. installed a few programs later and BOOM back to my problem. Just uninstalled VM again after installing it and BOOM SLEEP and HIBERNATE WORKS!

    SO the key is to make sure you don’t have some sort of NETWORK interface virtual or physical that is interfering or has a setting that blocks it!

  3. I also had a similar problem, with a Sony Vaio Pro 13. Sleep worked fine until I updated to Windows 8.1. I tried updating the video card drivers, like you suggested, and it worked fine. Thanks for the help!

  4. I had the same problem, but thanks to Richard From Finland for his valuable information, I could fix my windows and overcome my problem. I had windows 8.1 with virtual box installed in my machine. After I removed virtual box, my windows in working properly.

  5. Richaard Finland Johnson Jr, THANKS A LOT MAN!!! I’ve slepn a lot of hours to find the solution, but only your comment really help me! I;ve unninstalled Virtual Box – and it helps me! Big Thanks!!!

  6. this is a stupid article. “I don’t know what fixed the problem”..

    My system would not restore the hiberfil file while i had fastboot options enabled in my bios. There was a mismatch between the hardware it saw as it saved the hibernate file and what it saw as it booted again. Disabling these options fixed my problem.

  7. Using Windows Repair did the trick for me: Insert Windows CD, boot from it, click “Repair your computer” -> Troubleshoot -> Advanced Options -> Command Prompt. Type: bootrec.exe /fixmbr
    Note: I think you can also access Windows Repair by Settings -> Power -> SHIFT+Restore
    * I have Windows 8

  8. Had the same problem. Asus support advised to disable the “intel virtualization technology” in the BIOS and reinstall/see that my drivers are up to date, and it worked like charm.
    So, in some cases, if you done have Virtual box, it can help to fix it from the BIOS.

  9. I also had the same problem and I think back what happens before this problem occurs.Then I remember I install some new software/program then this problem happen.I uninstall that software/program then I can hibernate back.The software I install like printer accessories software in this cases.I used windows 8.1 Pro.However I just try my own way and I don’t know if happen again.My conclusion some program incompatible caused this problem.

  10. Hi all. My mini laptop’s shut down,restart,lock both are not working.But hibernate is working. when i try to shut down it is behaving as if nothing i clicked.not even any message.
    its win7,intel atom pro.i tried power adjustments,virus checks…
    pls help to sort out this

  11. my system is not starting just showing “Hibernating” message on screen.. so what should i do????

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