RememBear Password Manager Review: Simple, Easy and Efficient!

RememBear is a new Password Manager from TunnelBear – a name synonymous with a VPN service. The company has now ventured into the password management service and has launched a new product called “RememBear.” Today we are going to review RememBear and see if it is any good as a password manager. We will also see how it stacks up against other popular Password Managers.

I have personally been using password managers for quite some time and for me, the functionality triumphs anything else. However, one also needs to understand that a password manager will offer an additional layer of security for your credentials. It stores all your credentials in a single place and also offers auto-fills.

RememBear Password Manager Review

In the meanwhile, I have been using Password manager for all my needs. While the Kaspersky Password Manager is pretty efficient the Chrome browser extension is notorious for crashing.


After reviewing a handful of password manager I have arrived at a conclusion, the best one is the one that suits your needs the best. Adding to this is the security feature the Password Manager has to offer. RememBear is available on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. RememBear also comes with a Chrome & Firefox browser extension. At this juncture, the RememBear Password manager is free to use. Currently, the focus of the tool seems to be entirely on Password Management and security. Needless to say, the tool remembers your auto-fills information and syncs automatically across all your devices.

The Security features include a 256bit end-to-end encryption that is put in place to prevent others from accessing your information. The program ran flawlessly on my Windows 10 machine with the latest update, and I didn’t face any performance issues whatsoever. On the downside, I observed that the auto-fill feature (available only with Chrome browser extension) fails to work in some cases, not sure if it is the website security or a bug with RememBear.

After installing RememBear, you are required to create an account and prompted to install a desktop application.

With the desktop application in place, you can use it to create a safe vault The safe vault can be in turn be used to access your data in case you forget the main password. In the meanwhile, the RememBear automatically scans your PC, and it comes with an ability to import the passwords from Chrome, LastPass, and even 1Pass.

The UI

The first thing that struck is the simplicity, yes RememBear is perhaps the easiest (also slickest) Password Manager I have used till now. The menu layout is very clean and tidy.

RememBear Password Manager Review

The left section of the menu shows various features like All Items, Logins, Credit Cards, Trash and Add a New device. The program stores credit card information separately and also gives an option to add new devices. Apparently, the company has also opted for a paid security review from Cure 53, and they found no vulnerabilities in the review.

Wrapping it up

I also liked the feature to add a new device, what this does is that it adds an additional layer of security and allows you to authorize a new device before setting it up. Yet another mention worthy feature is the Trash, in this section you can find the deleted Passwords and also restore the same.

Wrapping it up, I personally found the RememBear to be a comprehensive password manager solution. You can download it from its home page.

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