Avira Password Manager generates, saves and encrypts passwords

Avira is no stranger when it comes to security products, and the latest offering from the German company comes in the form of Avira Password Manager. Well, we have seen many free Password Managers in the past including my very own KeePass but Avira Password Manager seems to toss in extra few features and is trying to make itself heard in the Password Manager category.

Avira Password Manager

Avira Password Manager

To begin with, the Password Manager will be offered in two avatars, free and Pro. However, all the Pro features will be unlocked till March 2017 as part of Avira’s introductory offer. That said the limitations of the free variant and the advantages of the Pro are yet to be detailed. But it is expected that features such as automatic backup of passwords and synchronization across all devices along with the ability to manage all passwords from the dashboard are expected to stop working in the free version.

Starting up

In order to start you need to download the Password Manager Chrome extension and sign up using your Avira credentials, if you don’t have one, fret not – it’s relatively easy to sign yourself up and once you do that, you are good to go. Avira Password Manager is available for Firefox, Scout browser, Android, and iOS.

The installation is pain-free and after logging you in, it starts suggesting passwords and also asks to save the account details. The best part is that the Password Manager syncs seamlessly with other programs like LastPass, KeePass, and even 1Password. The data can be imported using plain CSV files and restored on the Avira Password Browser.

The auto form fills up functionality also works on several sites thus making it pretty easy to set and save a password. That being said it would have been great if the auto password feature worked on most of the sites.


The online dashboard is something that is very useful especially since it shows the details of your previous activity and the date stamp of when your account was last used. Auto logout is yet another useful feature which ensures that the program locks itself out during a predefined activity time. For instance, one could simply set the time to never, every 30 minutes, every hour, ever 3 hours and even every 24 hours.

Log In History lets you track from when and from where the account has been accessed and with the backup feature you can ensure that your data is safely backed up. The Manage Backup feature will allow users to restore and delete the account backup. Other options include Import Data, Export Data, Delete account, and Language selection.

Wrapping it up

As of now Avira is yet to clarify about the features that one is entitled to when it comes to Free and the Pro version. The Password Manager also fails to work on many sites and this is something that Avira will most probably sort out in the future. Yet another qualm I had with the Avira Password Manager is that it doesn’t give me enough reasons to switch from my current password manager and this can be a deal breaker for many. Get it here if you would like to download it.

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