Review of Avira Free Security Suite for Windows PC

The recently released Avira Free Security Suite for Windows PC offers complete protection against virus, ransomware and all kinds of malicious code & makes your browsing safe & private.

Today, the world of digital media is not safe! Be it the Internet or offline media storage. If you stumble upon some malicious data on the Internet or media storage devices like USB, DVD, etc., your PC can get affected by deadly viruses. To save your PC from harmful virus and Trojan attacks, it is important to have a good antivirus or an Internet Security Suite installed on your PC. Windows Defender comes pre-installed on the Windows PCs, but most users want a feature-rich security software. If you are looking for one, take a look at Avira Free Security Suite.

Avira Free Security Suite review

Avira is largely famous for its product lineup in the security field for Windows OS. The company has launched the 2017 version of its traditional anti-virus and other sister products. Avira Free Security Suite is a software bundle provided to you by Avira for free, which consists of Avira Free Antivirus for Windows along with some other useful products to help secure your computing environment. All of these products are also available for premium usage which you can but from official Avira website.


The suite triggers an online installation of the applications that are included in this bundle, through Avira Connect hub which is company’s official Application Manager and Launcher tool.

One thing worth mentioning here is that you don’t get a full-fledged version of some of the applications included in this pack. These are cut short in terms of features that you get only with the premium plans. Also, you don’t get to customize the settings of these programs during installation. However, you can manually choose to opt out of installing any application in this package.

Avira Free Security Suite

Once all your selected applications are installed, Avira Security Suite takes over the job of managing security tasks on your PC. Now, let’s take a look at the key software included in this suite.

Avira Free Antivirus

When you launch the Antivirus, you will notice two sections. One is the left side navigation pane where from you can switch between various Administration and Protection modules. Other is the right side pane which puts forth a brief system protection status along with some context menu for PC and Internet protection. You can start the system-wide scan right from the landing page while configuring the Scanner process and settings per your wish.

Our brief review for Avira Security Suite Free

The native system scanner is quite powerful with the wide range of options to scan local drives, removable drives, Windows system directory, active processes, etc. for possible penetrative threats. Its live real-time protection module gives you an overview of the total number of files scanned and suspicious ones detected.

Our brief review for Avira Security Suite Free

You can start the system-wide scan right from the landing page while configuring the Scanner process and settings per your wish.

The native system scanner is quite powerful with the wide range of options to scan local drives, removable drives, Windows system directory, active processes, etc. for possible penetrative threats. Its live real-time protection module gives you an overview of the total number of files scanned and suspicious ones detected. Avira’s detection technology is quite impressive where it matches any possible threat against a list of dangerous and safe files.

Our brief review for Avira Security Suite Free

Overall, Avira Free Antivirus is quite august in its detection mechanism, but the presentation could still be improved. Comparing to its peer competitors like Avast, Kaspersky, etc., Avira lacks a bit behind in terms of an impressive UI. Although truth be told, its Antivirus program is really good with its subtle approach and solid execution.

Avira System Speedup

Another wolf in this pack is Avira System Speedup which helps you accelerate your PC and free up some memory. Over time, an average PC user ends up with an unwanted glut of temporary unwanted files and programs which eat up the storage space unnecessarily, lowering down the performance as a whole.

Avira System Speedup punctures deep into your system and tracks down the unwanted programs, junk files, logs, cookies, leftover registry entries thoroughly removing them and improving overall system health.

Our brief review for Avira Security Suite Free

With a surprisingly clean UI, this app divides the system cleanliness factors in terms of disk health, system performance and privacy score. A score is maintained in terms of these factors which determines how responsive, safe and clean your device is.

You can scan your PC for unwanted and bad files right from the first leaf. While scanning, it measures the potential junk files, registry errors and private data breaches across the system storage. You can optimize your device by fixing the issues detected and henceforth increasing your device score.

Apart from this, you can also optimize the average boot time which calculates the effect of various startup programs on system boot time and calls for an action accordingly on the programs that can be started up after boot or during boot. Then there are these power modes which manage your device’s performance and comparative energy usage. The tool is overall quite effective in terms of tracking down dangling issues which are rather a hard nut to crack for an average PC user.

Other gems in the box

Apart from the above two big shot software, Avira Security Suite comes uploaded with some other useful tools as well. Phantom VPN secures your Wi-Fi connections and enables you to surf anonymously while keeping you unhackable, untraceable and uncensorable. It masks your IP address and safeguards your private data while securing your online connection. Whether you’re a movie lover, intense gamer or website owners like us, Phantom VPN connects you safely and anonymously over the internet via a VPN tunnel.

Our brief review for Avira Security Suite Free

Additionally, Scout Browser is a safe and secure alternative to browsing the web without compromising on the speed, reliability, and rich functions. SafeSearch Plus is yet another tool which brings forth a fully secure search engine. While protecting you from clicking any bad or harmful link (marked in red), the search results are scanned in real-time with Avira’s URL cloud technology.

Our Conclusion

Avira Security Suite Free is a great package in terms of vast security features that you get rewarded with without paying a single penny, and we recommend it highly. It does not include a Firewall, though, but instead, adds some features to the Windows Firewall.

Avira can improve a bit on the presentation front while giving you a fresh and intuitive UI design. One of the annoying habits of this suite is that you got to deal with obnoxious pop-ups every now and them which feels like a promotional stunt. Filewalker scan detection results also keep popping their heads up in case any harmful file is detected on the system. While it is an informative piece of art but it can be really annoying when it intrudes your way while interacting with the system.

Even so, it is quite better than most of its competitors in the market including Windows Defender. You’d, for sure, want to consider installing it for its impressive threat detection technology. While making you pay zero bucks, it is worth a try.

You can download Avira Free Security Suite from its official website. Let us know your thoughts on the same.

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  1. Andrey

    It is really a good antivirus, among the free ones, which has better performance and rate of detection of threats.

    But since the options to change the “action on detection” for “real time protection” have been removed, I had to abandon and adopt another antivirus. Here, all false-positives were moved to quarantine automatically, when I preferred to be asked what action would be taken.

  2. Ziggy

    @Andrey. Thanks for the the info regarding changes to the “action on detection” with Avira free. Out of curiosity what is the A/V that have you opted for? I’m on the lookout for something lighter for my laptop. Windows 10 Defender is ok; just interested in alternative a/v’s more suitable for a fairly run-of-the-mill laptop!

  3. Rob

    Ziggy: Have you considered pairing up Windows Defender with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (free version)? It’s what I’m running on my Windows 10 desktop (though actually using the commercial “paid” version of MBAM). Unless you have wreckless Internet habits Windows Defender and Malwarebytes is probably all you need, I used to run one of the major security suites that became incredibly bloated over time and once it started causing BSODs I chucked it for Defender. Less is more when it comes to AV software.

  4. Ziggy

    @Rob. Thanks for your reply, Rob. “Wreckless internet habits” – that’s a hoot (lol) – I pretty much stick to well known/safe sites, except for the occasional downloads which I get checked by Virus Total. I’ll give your suggestion a try but, if my aging memory serves me right, when I used it in the past it took forever to scan, especially on said “run-of-the-mill” laptop. Nonetheless, I really appreciate your suggestion and will definitely give it another go.

  5. Kopsarchidis

    I have always been a big fan of Avira. The problem with nowdays antivirus software is that they tend to use a great deal of your CPU resources making it sometimes a threat by itself.
    For an advanced user the Defender that comes with the Win OS and some antimalware to deal with accidental hiccups is more than enough.

  6. Andrey

    Hi @disqus_756CZGbkz8:disqus , For now, I am testing Avast and it has worked out fine. My desktop is an 8-year-old Core2Quad, 8GB of DDR2 and SSD SATA2.

    On my netbook, a second-generation Atom with 2GB DDR2, I still use Avira because of performance, and I also do not care if the files stored on it are quarantined automatically.

  7. Rob

    Ziggy: The paid version of MBAM has real-time protection which reduces the need for scans (which are admittedly slow-ish). My experience with Windows 10 so far has taught me that keeping your software suite as simple as possible will save you headaches and it doesn’t get any simpler than Windows Defender. Windows 10 is still experiencing growing pains along with the AV vendors who are trying to support it.

  8. Ziggy

    @Rob: Thanks Rob. You’ve given me some food for thought. I’m going to try the free trial and see how I go…

  9. Ziggy

    @Andrey: Thanks for your suggestion, Andrey. Your specs are almost identical to my rig – only difference is that I have 4GB of DDR2 Memory. More food for thought! Your help is also much appreciated.

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