Review of Avira Free Security Suite for Windows PC


  1. It is really a good antivirus, among the free ones, which has better performance and rate of detection of threats.

    But since the options to change the “action on detection” for “real time protection” have been removed, I had to abandon and adopt another antivirus. Here, all false-positives were moved to quarantine automatically, when I preferred to be asked what action would be taken.

  2. @Andrey. Thanks for the the info regarding changes to the “action on detection” with Avira free. Out of curiosity what is the A/V that have you opted for? I’m on the lookout for something lighter for my laptop. Windows 10 Defender is ok; just interested in alternative a/v’s more suitable for a fairly run-of-the-mill laptop!

  3. Ziggy: Have you considered pairing up Windows Defender with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (free version)? It’s what I’m running on my Windows 10 desktop (though actually using the commercial “paid” version of MBAM). Unless you have wreckless Internet habits Windows Defender and Malwarebytes is probably all you need, I used to run one of the major security suites that became incredibly bloated over time and once it started causing BSODs I chucked it for Defender. Less is more when it comes to AV software.

  4. @Rob. Thanks for your reply, Rob. “Wreckless internet habits” – that’s a hoot (lol) – I pretty much stick to well known/safe sites, except for the occasional downloads which I get checked by Virus Total. I’ll give your suggestion a try but, if my aging memory serves me right, when I used it in the past it took forever to scan, especially on said “run-of-the-mill” laptop. Nonetheless, I really appreciate your suggestion and will definitely give it another go.

  5. I have always been a big fan of Avira. The problem with nowdays antivirus software is that they tend to use a great deal of your CPU resources making it sometimes a threat by itself.
    For an advanced user the Defender that comes with the Win OS and some antimalware to deal with accidental hiccups is more than enough.

  6. Hi @disqus_756CZGbkz8:disqus , For now, I am testing Avast and it has worked out fine. My desktop is an 8-year-old Core2Quad, 8GB of DDR2 and SSD SATA2.

    On my netbook, a second-generation Atom with 2GB DDR2, I still use Avira because of performance, and I also do not care if the files stored on it are quarantined automatically.

  7. Ziggy: The paid version of MBAM has real-time protection which reduces the need for scans (which are admittedly slow-ish). My experience with Windows 10 so far has taught me that keeping your software suite as simple as possible will save you headaches and it doesn’t get any simpler than Windows Defender. Windows 10 is still experiencing growing pains along with the AV vendors who are trying to support it.

  8. @Rob: Thanks Rob. You’ve given me some food for thought. I’m going to try the free trial and see how I go…

  9. @Andrey: Thanks for your suggestion, Andrey. Your specs are almost identical to my rig – only difference is that I have 4GB of DDR2 Memory. More food for thought! Your help is also much appreciated.

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