Free 360 Internet Security for Windows; includes multiple antivirus engines

If you are looking for a lightweight and easy-to-use antivirus for your Windows PC, then here is 360 Internet Security. The specialty about this free Internet Security Suite is that it includes multiple antivirus engines. Its triple antivirus engine helps you keep your system safe from all sort of latest malicious threats. It claims to be fast in detecting various viruses and removes them quickly. It offers real-time protection with the help of these multiple antivirus engines. It also secures your internet browsing sessions, thereby protects your online privacy.

360 Internet Security

360 Internet Security 2013

360 Internet Security utilizes three engines namely, 360 checksum based cloud engine, Machine learning cloud QVM engine, and BitDefender local engine. 360 Internet Security exhibits its efficiency by working proactively towards alerting users when a suspicious programs try to access critical areas like start-up programs, system settings, systems registries, and system directories.

When 360 Internet Security is active on your PC, all sorts of phishing sites, malicious downloads and unauthorized keyloggers are blocked. It also works against the webcam access programs, that can steal your personal information.

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Key features of 360 Internet Security antivirus

  1. It is built with multiple Scan Engine: Due to three types of scan engines, 360 Internet Security offers rapid detection of security threats for your system
  2. It offers real-time protection: Due to real-time protection, it prevents any malware from getting installed in your system. The real-time alerts also help to avoid any malware threats when surfing internet.
  3. It offers URL protection: It also offers protection from online phishing.
  4. It offers complete protection to your privacy: There are some hazardous malware and viruses which try to access your private info from your system. 360 Internet Security 2013 alerts whenever any malware or malicious application tries to access such critical information from your system.
  5. Detects threats before downloading files: The best part of this security program is that it informs the user before downloading the file whether the file is safe or not.
  6. Offers safety while conducting an online transaction: With 360 Internet Security 2013 doing online banking transaction becomes safe. Its triple scan engine helps to protect your user names and transaction passwords safe from malware. Besides, its anti keylogger and Webcam Protection helps in blocking malware that try to access your private information.

360 Internet Security has been developed in China, and it is an option you may want to consider, if you are looking for a free Internet Security software, since it offers all those services which we look for in such a security software.

You can download it from its home page. It’s an 180MB download.

Do let us have your feedback if you plan to use it.

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