Free 360 Internet Security for Windows; includes multiple antivirus engines

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  1. 1stkorean

    Although it is a rather large download at 182MB it installs fast. The initial update is somewhat slow at 2½ minutes but your updating 3 Antivirus engines, the first scan went exceedingly fast since it scanned System Settings, Applications, Memory, Startup, and Key Positions, and the program is somewhat light on system resources using between 15-22MB of memory and so far no CPU.
    It detected my other cloud based Antivirus program and ask to uninstall it before completing the installation.

  2. Ed

    Installed and updated quickly, seems to be very light on resources also. I am gonna give a try for a while, I’m thinking that three engines is always better than one!

  3. Ed

    Since downloading yesterday I have ran a full system scan, I also run a custom theme on my system, anyone who uses custom themes knows that certain .dll’s must be modified in order for the theme to work correctly, well, the 360 scan engine picks up all those modified .dll’s as being tampered with and wants to “resolve” them.

    Needless to say all 107 results it came up with were all false positives, I believe that this is a good product but still has a long way to go on improving it’s scanning engine. I’ll be returning to my previous security solution. If there was a way to turn off the 360 cloud engine which is what came up with all 107 false positives, I would have stuck with it and used the Bitdefender engine.

  4. Ankit Gupta

    Hey Ed,

    Thanks for your feedback . There are some or other flaws even in some of the most efficient and renowned applications. This antivirus program certainly has a long way to go to become perfect from being near-perfect.

    Your feedback is really helpful for us and other users though.

  5. Dante

    Despite its web/URL protection, multiple scan engines (incl. Bitdefender), or even it’s product name, keep in mind this program is not a “security suite” (that typically has antivirus, firewall, antispam, antiphishing, HIPS or Intrusion Detection System, banking protection, etc.). It’s more of a proactive form of antivirus, and would seem to categorically compete with the free versions of Avast, AVG, Avira, Bitdefender, Baidu, Comodo, Panda, etc.

    In my Windows 7, 64-bit PC, the fully installed program was over 400 MB. There was also a question about its anti-keylogger effectiveness…it failed Zemana’s Key-Logger Test Simulation. Because the simulation produced no warning or pop-up from 360 Internet Security 2013, that basically means the software does not protect 64-bit PC users against keyloggers.

  6. Thanks Dante, appreciate your inputs.

  7. TechStyle

    Bad suite, it hasn’t any firewall.

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