Enpass Password Manager for Windows 10

There are several free password manager apps available on the Internet that folks on the web tend to take advantage of to remember their passwords and have easy access to all their passwords from any device. One of them is Enpass and that is what we will take a look at today. What’s good about this service is that it’s available for all major web browsers, including Microsoft Edge. Bear in mind, if you’re interested in using Enpass for Edge, you will have to make sure the Windows 10 v1709 is installed before moving forward.

Enpass Password Manager

This post takes a look at Enpass Password Manager for Windows 10, its features and how you can import your passwords from another password manager.

Enpass password manager for Windows 10

The first order of the day is to download Enpass. After that, download and install the extension for your particular web browsing tools. You know, it’s quite strange that the developers require Microsoft Edge to use a different version of Enpass to save and access passwords. It’s something they need to work on in the future, or maybe it has everything to do with the Microsoft Store limitations.

Enpass in many ways is a lot better than most other similar programs, and that has much to do with it being a native program rather than something used via a web browser. Not to mention, it’s faster too, and that’s good news for folks who are not interested in waiting around. Moreover, since Enpass doesn’t rely on the cloud, your passwords will always be accessible.

Now then, when attempting to gain access to passwords, the user must first type a master password. If that’s too much, the option is there to use a numerical pin. Once inside, users can manually add content, but the easiest way is to log into a website from a web browser and save login details to Enpass when the option presents itself.

I like the fact that Enpass has a feature that tells a number of weak password items are on your list. I had 19 according to the system, and it didn’t take long for me to rectify the problem.

Folks who have problems coming up with strong passwords shouldn’t worry because the program is capable of generating strong and secure passwords.

From the Settings menu which is accessible via Tools, the user can synchronize passwords to the cloud or locally. They can even disable the plugin for all supported web browsers as well.

Import your passwords to Enpass

Now then, it’s time to transfer all password contents from your earlier password manager to Enpass. Let’s take the example of LastPass. To start, just log into your LastPass account, go to More Options, then click on Export. From there, the system will prepare your passwords for download. After a few seconds, or minutes, you should see a page with all your content. Just right-click and select “Save As” and save it as a text.

OK, so our Enpass account is empty, and you want to fill it up. That’s good because we’re going to use the text file you’re recently downloaded to get things going in the right direction.

Fire up Enpass, select File > Import. It will ask you to choose which password platform you’re migrating from. Select LastPass from the menu, then at the next screen, click on Choose and then locate the text file and move along from there. You can import your passowrds from several other password managers as well by following a similar procedure.

It shouldn’t take too long for all your passwords to populate Enpass.

Enpass saves your passwords locally and to the cloud

With this service, users can save their passwords to their local computer, their favorite cloud platform, or both. The desktop software is free and can be downloaded from its home page. The Enpass app (requires Edge browser on Windows 10 v1709) at the Windows Store, however, costs $9.99.

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    Bitwarden does the same thing and it’s free

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