Bitwarden Review: Free Open Source Password Manager for Windows PC

Until now we have featured a slew of free Password Managers on TheWindowsClub. Apps like Keep and LastPass may have been the most popular ones, but that doesn’t automatically mean that the other password managers are lacking. Bitwarden is one such free open source password manager that started out as a browser extension for major web browsers and now also has mobile applications for Android and iOS.

Bitwarden also offered a web version that can be used in any modern browser. All said and done the Bitwarden password manager lacked on one front, and that is a desktop app. The password manager didn’t offer a desktop app, and this left its users desiring for more. Now Bitwarden offers a desktop software for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Let us download the Bitwarden desktop software and see how well it fares in our review.

Bitwarden review

Bitwarden review


One can either download the Bitwarden from Github, or you can do so from the official site. Please be aware that you download from trusted source, especially since Bitwarden is a password protection tool. I downloaded from the official site, and the size of the installer file was about 35MB.

The welcome screen gives you an option to either log in with your existing Bitwarden account or creates a new one. If you are creating a new account, the software will ask you for a master key. Please make sure that you remember the key and if possible keep a hint that you can relate to. If you are an existing Bitwarden user, then don’t worry all your data and preferences will be automatically synced with the desktop app.

Bitwarden User Interface & Functionality

Thankfully the user interface is pretty intuitive and is clutter free. The left pane lists out all the core features while the right one displays your preferences. The makers of Bitwarden have also integrated a search functionality which helps you search for the services. That apart you can also select frequently used logins as “Favorites” and this will be clubbed under a different section.

Users can also modify the user credentials including username, URL, and Passwords. The Password generator option is great if you want help in generating secure and safe passwords by specifying the length and the use of characters. Bitwarden users can also create separate folders for segregating the logins. For instance, you can create a separate folder for work and personal. Moreover, you can also access the password generation history. Bitwarden also lets you select a data set, edit it, copy the URL and launch the URL from your default browser.

Additionally, Bitwarden users can also save their credit cards and identity details, so that is safe from prying eyes. The Secure Note option is especially useful when you want to jot down super secret and important stuff. I particularly use this feature to save my banking credentials. That being said the notes and the attachment options are only available in the premium version. That being said $1 per month of a premium account with family sharing and self-hosting access is not bad at all.

Bitwarden falls short when it comes to advanced options like the one to import and export options or to deauthorize certain sessions and also the options to create multiple domain rules.

It is also worth mentioning that I personally didn’t see much of a difference between the Bitwarden desktop software and the browser extension. Yes, the desktop app is certainly more user-friendly and accessible, but it fails to offer advanced features. Also on a side note, I would suggest you disable the analytics by heading over to File > Settings. You can download it from its homepage.

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  1. Ed

    Comes with two factor authentication. Probably the single best password manager I have ever used and it is absolutely free.

  2. Farmers (Mansfield)

    I’ve been using the free version for quite a few months now, and so far I’m even happier with it than Lastpass. I’m seriously considering subscribing to the paid service just to support it. On the one occasion when I had an issue with it, I looked through settings and found an option for support and sent off my message. Just a few minutes later I’d had an email offering help (from a real person mind).

  3. J.W

    Well I am looking for an answer to my question. When Lastpass didn’t seem to be able to do the task at hand. How do I get a password manager to recognize passwords when I have two usernames for a website? this is only for email like Gmail. I have a personal account and a work or business account. and then the other thing is at home I share this computer and my fiance has her own Gmail account? Any opinions on this situation. I have only one username for all my other accounts,but this got me stuck on this.

  4. Maurizio Fiorini

    Hello I have tried many password managers, and I must say that bitwarden works well with both Windows 10 and the Android app, in Windows 10 you can install the extension in the browser edge or chrome, so you have the compilation of sites.
    Also in the free version, to increase security we can use an email as a double security factor.
    Obviously the password to open bitwarden must be written and costudita, because if you forget it you can not recover.
    It is a program that deserves to be tried.

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