Automate your login and online transactions with Dashlane Free

Dashlane is a free password manager that comes with an exceptional auto fill features and a secure digital wallet. Dashlane is available in free and premium versions, but here we may discuss only about those features that are available free of cost.

Dashlane Free review

Dashlane can handle all your internet credentials easily and keep them secure by encrypting them with AES-256. Dashlane automatically imports any previously stored credentials from your browser and after that you can add as many other credentials you want. While you add a new credential you will be asked for few details that are the URL of the login page, username and the password. There are some other optional features available too, like you can select whether you want Dashlane to automatically login to that website or not.

Dashlane Credentials

You can even categorize your credentials under categories like Email, Entertainment, Social Media and etc. Moreover you can even create new categories or rename the existing ones as per you necessities.

Dashlane Dashboard

To know more about your passwords you can open up the Security Dashboard, Security dashboard would give you a simple analysis about your passwords and would also suggest you some changes if required. For more details you can open Detailed Passwords Analysis which will give you every information you want regarding your passwords. You can even create secure notes, it is like maintaining a password protected diary.

Dashlane has a remarkable feature that is Autofill. Autofill integrates into your Web Browsers and automatically fills login forms, sing-up forms or just any web form. For Autofill to work, you need to enter some of your personal details into the software so that whenever you sign up for a website Dashlane would automatically fill in the necessities. In addition to the personal details, you can create as many IDs you want. It can be an ID card, Passport, Driver’s License, Social Security Card or a Tax Number. The Autofill feature integrates very well and I must say it is the best. Now you don’t need to type in the details every time you login or signup for a website.

Dashlane Autofill

If you are a bit worried about your online transactions then Dashlane’s secure Digital Wallet is meant for you. You add your Credit/Debit card, PayPal Account, Bank Account details here and your next transaction will be secured by Dashlane. It will automatically fill in the payment details but in a very secure manner. Additionally it would automatically collect a receipt from the website as a proof of payment.

Dashlane Wallet

Dashlane’s confident security and automation features makes it one of the best Password Managers out there. It saves your time and still keeps the data protected. Your data stays protected with Dashlane but remember even Dashlane cannot de-crypt the data because the master-password isn’t saved at all it is just with you.

Dashlane free download

Click here to download Dashlane password manager for Windows. Dashlane is free to use on a local computer, but if you want your data to be available for your other devices or on the Dashlane Website then you need to purchase the Dashlane’s Premium Service.

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  1. Jim

    Will not work from Start Menu in Windows 8.1. Have to view everything and your contacts on the Desktop! At least there’s a password manager built in to Internet Explorer on Windows 8.1.

  2. Lavish Thakkar

    Thanks for sharing Jim!

  3. Lef

    How does it compare with Lastpass ? Which is the best free soft ? Thanks.

  4. Lavish Thakkar

    Hello Lef,
    Some features are similar with LastPass and some are unique!

  5. 5cardstud

    Is there a way to stay logged on or automatic logon so I don’t have to enter the master password every time I start my PC?

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