True Key Password Manager for Windows PC, Android and iPhone

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  1. RamandeepKaur

    very useful keep it up

  2. robert

    Since update to 18299.192, Edge no longer supports Truekey. Have to try to re-install from store but that fails with unspecified error. Maybe you could ask Intel/Macaffee what they are doing about it ?

  3. Michael Kenward

    I tried TrueKey for a couple of weeks to see if its any better than Roboform. Paid for versions of both. (My ISP offers Truekey free.)

    Roboform has lots of niggles, but it is streets ahead of Truekey in usability and control.

    So, big name (Intel) is no guarantee of quality. I gave up after it reached peak frustration.

  4. CL Ark

    TrueKey is far from the best Password Manager. I’ve tested them all and you can’t beat Keeper’s security and interface which instantly syncs on all your devices.

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