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Managing all the passwords on your systems as well as network can be a daunting task. This is particularly applicable when you have a number of apps downloaded on your PC and most of them need some sort of credentials to access them. No need to worry anymore! The task of password management becomes hassle free with the latest online password manager called Intuitive Password.

Intuitive Password review

Free password management

The insecurity lying with multiple password management

On an average, every person has a PC and an online account, holds at least three apps or services which need a user name and a password to operate. In such scenario, we often opt for selecting the same user name and password combo for easy recollection. Though, this seems to be a very easy way of password management, it can become a serious threat to security as well. If a third person comes to know about your common password, it becomes easy to hack all your systems and apps at a time. Hence, it is safer to select different user names and passwords to get maximum security.

How does intuitive Password help you manage passwords

The best part about Intuitive Password is that it can be accessed anytime and from anywhere. This is an important feature since it helps you retrieve all your password irrespective of time and location.

The application lets you store all your passwords, system and network login details, credit card credentials; everything online. Along with the normal user name and password information, Intuitive Password opens additional fields, where you can save your secret question and answer for a particular web address. If you are holding multiple email accounts on the same web address, then Intuitive Password helps you locate the same.

The password and other information is managed through the application’s secure environment. For this, Intuitive Password makes use of cloud-computing which can be operated from any desktop, Smartphone, tablet and laptop.

Free password management

Features of Intuitive Passwords that help password management

Intuitive Password offers a number of features. Some of them are as follows:

1)      Intuitive Password supports various tags. You can quickly search the required information from the app. This fast access to the required information helps you organize all your passwords efficiently.

Free password management

2)      Intuitive Password is extremely easy to use. The UI is user-friendly and it doesn’t require any plug-ins to use the application.

3)      It is free. This feature makes this app more attractive. Intuitive Password offers a free plan of managing 100 passwords.

4)      As mentioned earlier, password management is not only easy; but also secure with Intuitive Password. The makers of this application have opted for the best practices to make the data collection hack-proof. All communication from the browser to Intuitive Password is done over Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. The sensitive data is encrypted all the time using the U.S. government approved encryption algorithms.

5)      Intuitive Password supports multiple platform. It is compatible with all modern browsers that can run on desktops tablets and Smartphones.

6)      You want to share your data to your friend? Intuitive Password has made this requirement also easy.

You can opt for the free subscription of Intuitive Password. Under this free plan, you can manage 100 passwords.  If you want to opt for more passwords, you can go for Express and Professional plans, which are chargeable though!

Try and use Intuitive Password for your password management and let us know your take on this app.

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  1. Noel

    Ohh! I think I’ll upload all my passwords and personal and credit card info immediately to a website I know I can trust. WTF!!!

  2. Ed

    Before everyone found out about the NSA and Prism were REALLY up to, this may have been a good idea. Since then I have been making a point of either encrypting everything with no less than a 56 character password or erasing my footprint on the web.
    This application, as well intended as it may be, you couldn’t pay me to use it right now.

  3. Ed

    The only way I might consider using it is if in their EULA or Terms of Service they agree not to provide ANYONE my passwords or usernames, this must also plainly state and include the NSA or any world government of the sort.

  4. Stef

    Good idea! And while you are at it, mail me a copy of what you upload. 😀

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