Microsoft Band vs Apple Watch: Things Microsoft Band can do that Apple Watch can’t

Apple announced a host of new products in its Spring Forward event in San Francisco. One of the main highlights of the event was the announcement of Apple Watch.  By announcing Apple Watch, the company has now debuted into the wearables arena.  The official launch of Apple Watch take place in the next month, ie. on April 24.  Starting with Samsung, Motorola and Microsoft, every company in the mobile industry is now extending its arms to explore this budding wearables market.

Microsoft Band

Microsoft announced its first wearable called Microsoft Band last year, which is now available for 199$ at the Microsoft Store and other select retail spaces.  We tried to figure out few things which Microsoft Band can do, but Apple Watch can’t.

Microsoft Band vs Apple Watch

1.Works with any device

Microsoft Band works not only with Windows Phone or Windows PC, but also with iOS and Android devices. Just a few weeks back Microsoft released the Band SDK for developers. The SDK is available for different mobile devices like Windows Phone, Android and iOS. If you have a Microsoft Band it will work across all mobile devices, while the Apple Watch will work only with Apple iPhone 5 and higher.

2. Battery Lasts Longer

A fully charged Microsoft Band can last up to 48 hours (although it depends on your settings, usage, and other factors). The recently launched Apple Watch battery cannot last for a day, as it has just 18 hours of battery life – and it could be even lesser than the official figure. Clearly, Microsoft Band is the winner here with double the battery life as that of Apple Watch.

3. Price matters

Apple is always known for pricing its products above the market price and the story continues with Apple Watch as well. The price of Apple Watch starts at $349, with most models ranging in price from $549 to $999, which is seriously a high price tag when you consider the value which it adds to the customer. On the other hand, Microsoft Band costs $199 only which is cost effective and it is also available for sale.

4. Built-in GPS 

Microsoft claims Band as the perfect companion for running, hiking or biking. All these are possible because of the built-in GPS present within the Band which measures the distance you travel, tracks the pace and elevation, records the routes and passes the generated map data to Microsoft Health app. Even Apple Watch does nearly same thing by sending the data to its companion app present on companion device like iPhone. What is absent in Apple Watch is the built-in GPS within the watch and it relies exclusively on phone’s GPS.  In the case of Microsoft Band, there is an in-built GPS.

5. Productivity apps

Microsoft Band can also display email, calendar and message notifications. Cortana is a plus point here too!

Microsoft Band vs Apple Watch

On the other hand, there could be some things which are available in Apple Watch, for example, the range of band options available and maybe its design aesthetics. Most may find the Band’s horizontal screen appealing, while others may find Apples design aesthetics to their liking.

Your observations?

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    An article which smells like a Microsoft advertisement again (although I hate the concept of smart watches)

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