Bluetooth is not working in Windows 10


  1. Où est le rapport avec Windows Serveur 2008 R2 ?
    Parce que là ça concerne que Windows 7 seulement et non 2008R2
    Le Fix308817 et la mise à jour (KB980396) c’est pareille, ça concerne que Windows 7 et en aucun cas 2008R2 !
    Et il est où ce fameux correctif don tu parles dés début? Le donné directement ça aurait été trop beau, c’est toi le roi, toi qui as le correctif, il faut donc te faire de courbettes pour que daignes nous le donné, tu aimes les courbettes, tu es de ceux qui ont besoin ça c’est pathétique!Alors pour part, gardes leu ton pseudo altruisme fais pas semblent y en a pas une goûte et avec ça, ta pédagogie est très limitée .
    Dommage que dans ton sujet il manque l’essentiel , le correctif !

  2. I have got exactly this problem – unfinished searching for devices and bluetooth sw is not working (no BT device can be found, when trying to access BT options nothing happens). Everything is installed correctly… drivers are fine (reinstalled multiple times) I’ve tried to install this hotfix but i got a message that this hotfix can not be apllied to this computer.Does anybody have another solution?

  3. Same here… running the .msu file (placed/unzipped into my C: folder by the self-extracting hotfix .exe) resulted in the message “The update is not applicable to your computer.” (Thanks for nothing, Microsoft!)

    So, I’m stuck with a missing “Bluetooth Support Service” — which NOTHING I’ve tried (dozens of different approaches!) will fix. Boo!

  4. The exact same thing has been happening to me and I get the message saying the hotfix will not work with my laptop/notebook! I have called and talked to a lot of people with microsoft and HP and they cannot help out ever!

  5. This worked instantly for me…

    1. Start Menu > Run > services.msc

    2. Locate “Bluetooth Service” AND “Bluetooth Support Service”
    3. Make sure BOTH are set to “Started” “Automatic”
    4. Profit.

    Hope this helps at least 1 person. Should work instantly as it did for me.

  6. Thanks TKM, it’s also worked for me instantly, the famous hotfix did nothing but hey we are used to that kind of crap from Microsoft

  7. had same download driver error problem, but downloading the driver from Dell did not solve the problem.

    On the driver pop-up box there is an option to ‘extract’ located at the bottom. I read somewhere to do an ‘extract’ first. This downloads the Broadcom bluetooth operating system software files into a new folder. I renamed it ‘Bluetooth’ so I could find it later, the I opened the .exe file and the Broadcom Bluetooth os started to download. I never got this far before. This is what was missing when my device was not detected.

    After the os downloaded, I went back to the same Dell bluetooth driver file and downloaded the driver. Everything is back to normal working. What a pain as no one ever mentioned the error was the lack of the Broadcom Bluetooth os system.

    This fixed the problem and now all my Bluetooth items pair perfectly.

  8. Didn’t work for me, i’ve tried everything. The asus bt400 (broadcom BCM20702A0) installed fine on an ancient emachines with win7 x86, on my new win7 64 everything looks to install fine but nothing can connect.

  9. i have that problem for nearly 8 months.
    But now i am thankful to u to rectify my problem.
    Its working
    thank you sooooo muchhh

  10. Ok…bluetooth glitch. Windows 7 ultimate. Bought some wireless headphones…one less cable to worry about. Perfect install, all settings as they should be and they sound great. Now…at the end of the day, I shut down and go to bed. Next day nothing. They will not connect…but still paired. Sound settings have reverted to default. I have to uninstall from devices and reinstall from scratch…even the latest drivers.

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