Features of Microsoft Band 2

Microsoft has unveiled the upgraded version of its wearable/smartwatch – Microsoft Band 2. Some of the improvements or changes made to the wearable does not only qualify it for exchange over existing band owners but also a compelling new purchase.

Microsoft Band 2 features & review

Microsoft Band 2

The first noticeable difference you can make out when you throw a look at the device is it has a lot curved display, unlike the flat one last year and is covered by Gorilla Glass. So, the biggest hurdle Microsoft Band 2 seems to have overcome is that you’ll actually want to wear it. It’s radically more comfortable than its earlier iteration.

The elastomer that is attached to the screen of the band uses a new latch that’s adjustable. There are only two buttons visible on the Band 2 beneath the display: a larger home button for returning back to the start screen and a smaller function button. The button allows a quick glance through several types of quick-look data – calories burned, steps taken and more – when on the home screen.

Microsoft Band 2 latch

Band 2 comes in three different sizes

  1. Small (143-170mm)
  2. Medium (163-185mm)
  3. Large (180-210mm)

The last one is somewhat big and looks odd when you wear it.

Coming to the features, the smartwatch comes integrated with Cortana so you can dictate responses to emails or give commands to update your status on Facebook.

Apart from this, there are many sensors (11 in number) to make sure that every aspect of your daily activity is analyzed by the software apps supported.

Microsoft Band 2 cortana

The inside of the smartwatch fits 2 new sensors: a barometer to check elevation changes in peak climbing or hiking and a VO2 monitor to allow user monitor his maximum rate of oxygen consumption. The inclusion of this feature can be a selling-point for Microsoft band as it is available in high-end watches and fitness devices.

Another plus point is the addition of automatic shot detection capability, all the golf lovers would appreciate highly. It lets user track his swings and scores thereby helping him train more effectively.

Microsoft claims the battery in the new Band would lasts 48 hours but I guess, using the  built-in GPS system will obviously drain the battery There’s also a new charging cable that roughly takes around 90 minutes to charge the battery full.

A single unit of Microsoft Band 2 will cost $249 and is available for pre-order at the Microsoft Store. It seems expensive but some good features like built-in Cortana tending to make life simpler make the price a little easier to digest.

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