AOMEI PXE Boot: Boot Windows computer over Network


  1. Wow, this does seem like an amazing tool. The company I work or supports school systems with many computer labs and laptop carts. With this tool, I can perform many tasks that we have to wait for the summer months to perform, because we have an extended period of time when students aren’t using the PCs. So with this software, I could potentially deploy a new OS refresh to the labs if needed? I’ll definitely be looking more into this one.
    Thanks Anand!

  2. It is great freeware! I have used it to pxe boot my computer from PCUnlocker ISO image and cleared my forgotten Windows user password.

  3. We tried at my company:
    From a technical point of view Serva is still our favorite, from a legal point of view it was found AOEMI distributes non-distributable MS components then their tools were quickly erased.

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