Macrium Reflect Free Review – VSS, Compression & Disaster Recovery

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  1. DrZzzz

    I used Macrium Reflect for a long time, and I agree with your positive evaluation. But Win8.1 installation required that I remove it as incompatible before the install would continue.

  2. ras

    Then I would remove Windows 8 and keep Macrium

  3. Arun Kumar

    I have not tried it on 8.1. However, the documentation (for creating rescue disk) states that PE4 needs to be selected for Windows 8 boot environment. Why would they include that if it is not supported by 8.1? Or maybe, it is Windows 8 vs Windows 8.1?

    I guess you have to download the latest version from Macrium website and give it a try. It should work.

  4. exrelayman

    I did not receive any such notice when I installed 8.1, and Macrium Reflect is working fine for me. Perhaps simply remove it for the install of 8.1, then put it back after the install might work.

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