Schedule backup of different files with Cyotek CopyTools for Windows

Backing up your files and documents is very important, and every PC user should practice it on a regular basis. To get this done, there are several backup & recovery software available on the web, but today we are going to focus on an app called Cyotek CopyTools.

Before reading any further, bear in mind that Cyotek CopyTools requires.NET Framework 4.0 to be installed. If it isn’t, the app will not work, so take heed.

Cyotek CopyTools for Windows

Cyotek CopyTools for Windows

As stated above, Cyotek CopyTools is all about backing up the files on your computer, but in other ways, it is more than that. In all honesty, we see no need for some of the features it brings to the table, but some users might find them very useful. In our minds, we believe in focusing on what the app is mainly about instead of drifting away into uncharted territories.

The Pros:

Cryotek CopyTools can back up different files at the time they were scheduled. We like this feature because most similar tools can only backup one set of data, so already we are overly excited about this program.

Users can also set the way backups are created. For example, users can have the files backup to a .ZIP file, or have the app delete obsolete files from the destination folder, as to do away with having to keep older versions of the same files.

Scheduling a backup is easy, and not to mention, it is reliable. We’ve been using this app for the past couple of days, and can say for certain that it has yet to fail on us where the scheduler is concerned.

Now, should you want to have Cyrotek CopyTools start up automatically every time Windows starts, that can be done from within the options menu. We suggest folks with low RAM to refrain from doing so for the sake of preserving memory for other more important tasks.

Some aspects of this tool are not easy to use, but not worry, there’s an extensive documentation tool

The Cons:

So there is something called “Add-in Manager”, and as expected, it works like extensions. The only add-ins available here, are Email and RSS. With the Email feature, the app will send an email to users after completing a backup, and the RSS is just for keeping updated with the latest news from the developers. We see no need for these, and to make matters worse, there’s no way to add new extensions to this thing unless the developer releases another version with built-in extensions.


Cryotek CopyTools is solid at what it does. The issues we have are minor, so go ahead and give it a spin.

The app can be downloaded via the official website.

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