Veeam Backup Free lets you backup, restore and manage Virtual machines

Managing Virtual Machines can be really tedious if you don’t have the right tools for it. Taking into consideration its criticality, a good VM Manager has the shadow reinforcements in place if anything goes wrong during the change implementation. In this post, we are going to take a look at Veeam Backup Free Edition software for Windows, that can be used for virtual machine backup, restore & management. Empowering you to effectively manage your virtual environments, the tool goes along well with VMware vSphere and Microsoft’s very own Hyper-V.

VM backup can be a troublesome task for virtual machine users. You can overcome all those worries with the use of diverse capabilities of Veeam Backup Free Edition tool. It comes loaded with handy features like Veeam Zip and powerful recovery options. Let’s take a look at what this tool has to offer.

Veeam Backup Free Edition

Let’s consider a scenario where you are going to deploy a critical change on your VM installation or cloning your production VM environment for testing purposes. In such cases, you would definitely like to have an auxiliary copy of you VM data. Veeam Backup Free Edition tool provides you with that functionality to clone, copy, export and manage your VMs. You don’t even need to bring your VM down for taking its backup. Packed with features, Veeam Backup Free Edition makes it easy for virtualization admins to take the backups on the go.

Veeam Backup Free Edition

Let us take a look at some of its features.

VeeamZIP Backups on the fly

VeeamZIP is an excellent way to create an ad-hoc backup of an active VM. You can write these backups to any storage location of your wish or even export it to a removable media storage for that matter. With the enhanced compression and de-duplication, it minimizes the backup footprint by substantial lengths.

Use Veeam Backup Free Edition tool for effective VM management

Restoration is also made easy with the broad options to restore the selective parts or all of the VM whenever you need it. Instant File-Level Recovery (IFLR) makes it easy for you to look inside VM backups and restore individual guest files. With simple configuration option, VeeamZIP also maintains the thin-provisioned disks.

Export Hyper-V Virtual Machines

Veeam Backup Free Edition overcomes the limitations of Hyper-V VM Manager which can take a long time to encapsulate and export the VM files. VeeamZIP backs up all your configuration files and encapsulates them in a single compressed backup which you can easily export to another host.

Quick VM Migration for VMware machines

Taking advantage of the native VMware technology coupled with the effective Veeam technology, Veeam Backup Free Edition easily allows for any migration scenario. You can migrate a live VM to any host or data center without any need of shared data storage. With the use of Veeam SmartSwitch technology, you can swiftly move VMs to and fro the shared data sources while keeping the downtime at its lowest.

Use Veeam Backup Free Edition tool for effective VM management


Veeam Backup Free Edition brings forth numerous management features for your installed virtual machine. You can get a fast, flexible and reliable operational experience for no price at all. With enhanced native tape support, you get the most desirable parallel processing and virtual tape libraries for consulting usage. End-to-encryption adds an another level to the security for your data archives to be kept under the hood for a longer time.

If you are a frequent VM user, you should give this tool a try. Feature-wise, it sounds quite promising. You can get the tool for free from the official website of Veeam.

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