Veeam ONE Free is a monitoring and reporting for VMware and Hyper-V

In our previous post, we talked about Veeam Backup Free Edition tool for effectual virtual machine backup and restoration. Next, in the line, we are going to cover Veeam ONE Free Edition which you can use for real-time VM monitoring, lucrative resource planning and more! As diverse as its fellow tools, Veeam ONE Free Edition comes packed with several features to help with your virtual management tasks for the platforms like Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware vSphere and their native Veeam Backup Infrastructure.

Use Veeam ONE Free Edition for complete visibility of your virtual environment

While managing a virtual environment can be a really challenging task, if you have complete visibility of the operational environment to detect the potential issues before any risk is inflicted, you can see a significant shift to increased productivity. Veeam ONE Free Edition helps you reach that shift with its divergent mix of features. Let’s roll on to have a look at what it has to offer for the Microsoft Virtualization platform.

Veeam ONE Free

One of the major constraints of VM management is that you need to maximize the resource utilization while keeping the time and money investment at its best minimal. Certainly, for that, you need tools that you can trust. Veeam ONE Free Edition provides you with enhanced insights into your backup and virtual environments. It has a fancy set of features to put you in a good situation with your resource optimization and configuration management.

Below are some nifty features that come along with this tool.

Continuous Real-time monitoring and alerting

Technology is evolving and with it evolves the type of risks that poses a threat to your virtual environment. You can’t miss even a single likelihood of any sort of attrition that might hit your business and affect its availability. Veeam ONE Free Edition comes holstered with over 200 prebuilt alarms and a vast knowledge base to counteract whenever any problem occurs. You are promptly alerted in case of any complications and provided with tips regarding troubleshooting and spotting the root cause.

Veeam ONE Free

Business view of your virtual environment

For better control of your virtual environment, you need to have a firm grip over the infrastructural stand of your business. With the flexible and dynamic way to classify your hosts, clusters, VMs and data sources, Veeam ONE Free Edition tool enables you to easily manage your virtual infrastructure based on the changing needs and priorities of your business.

Use Veeam ONE Free Edition for complete visibility of your virtual environment

Effective Capacity planning and report customization

With Veeam ONE, you can effortlessly forecast your performance and plan the capacity accordingly for any chosen virtual environment setup. Drawing the possibilities of several “what-if” scenarios, you can forecast the resource usage and utilization course. Additionally, you can also define your own configuration parameters, performance metrics, and filters, providing maximum flexibility to your underlying environment.


If you are one of the Hyper-V users, then you might want to give Veeam ONE a shot. It can dramatically cut on the time and money constraints while keeping the performance bar high. Apart from the above features mentioned, Veeam ONE has a lot of other capabilities as well to put on the table.

With powerful and easy-to-use functionalities, Veeam ONE Free Edition tool delivers a fully integrated solution that your virtual setup needs. Get this tool for free from its official site.

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