Win.Privacy is a free tool to fix Privacy Issues in Windows 10

Not every Windows10 user may know this, but your PC is sending some data to Microsoft. Windows 10 is undoubtedly the best operating system to date, but it still has some security loops. The OS’s Privacy Settings do allow you to configure Windows 10 Privacy settings. Plus we have already taken a look at some Windows 10 Privacy Fixer Tools that help you quickly tweak the privacy settings. Today we will take a look at another such tool called Win.Privacy which lets you disable Windows 10 Telemetry services of your computer.

Win.Privacy Privacy Tool for Windows 10

Win.Privacy, the free and simple program requires no installation and comes with a user-friendly interface and takes less than a minute to land on your PC. The main overview has it all, and you need no technical know-how to use the tool. You can fix the privacy issues with just a single click or a button.

Using the tool is simple. You just need to download the zip file of Win. Privacy and run the setup. Launch the program and click on the button ‘Fix Privacy Issues’ and rest is taken care by the tool.

But it is important to go through the settings first so that you are aware of the changes the tool will make to your system.

Win.Privacy Privacy Tool for Windows 10

The tool automatically creates a system restore point before starting with the fix. So you can undo the changes and restore the previous configuration of your PC. There is also a log column in the main overview which shows all your steps performed in the tool, right from the launch to the fix.

How Win.Privacy works

  • Creates a system restore point.
  • Disables and deletes ‘dmwappush’ and ‘DiagTrack’.
  • Modifies the Hosts file in Windows and blocks the data sent to Microsoft thereby fixing your privacy issues.
  • The tool also helps in disabling the hibernate function, location service, Cortana and Windows Error Reporting.
  • Uninstalls the pre-installed apps on your PC.
  • Disable unwanted Windows 10 services.

The tool also lets you:

  1. Disable Windows Update Service.
  2. Disable Location.
  3. Disable Hibernate.
  4. Set Diagnostic and Usage Data to “basic”.
  5. Block Windows Telemetry IPs.
  6. Disable Cortana.
  7. Disable Windows Error Reporting.
  8. Disable Windows 10 Services.

The program also comes with some extra tool like System Information, Task Manager, Email Client, Text Encryption and Website Blocker. Click on Extra Tools tab to use them.

The other options in the tool include-

Undo Changes– where you can undo the changes made by the tool and revert to previous settings. 

Manage Windows 10 Metro Apps– where you can uninstall the apps pre-installed on your Windows 10 PC. 

Windows 10 Services– Here you can disable or enable the Windows services on your PC. 

Overall, Win.Privacy is a simple and useful tool which lets you fix your privacy issues on your Windows 10 PC. However, the tool lacks the proper information on which fixes to apply and which not – there should be a help file to understand the consequences of the fixes.

There are two ‘readme’ text files which help users understanding the tool well. The extra tools and other features makes Win.Privacy more  useful. Visit to download it. – but as we mentioned earlier, check the changes it makes and only allow it to make the changes you want it to. If you do not like the changes made, you may go back o the created system restore point.

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  1. Sleel

    Don’t bother. THis thing is a heavy handed and opaque in what it does as the windows garbage it purports to fix. Couldn’t use discord, skype, and I don’t know what else cause I didn’t bother to look further. Never mind Cortana, WHY I tried this in the first place, was still running any bloody way. And undoing the changes didn’t fix skype or discord. Had to restore.

  2. Juan Figueroa

    Did you check if Skype was marked for disable in the application?

  3. Sleel

    Thing has a VERY limited list of what they “fix”. Skype is not mentioned, nor discord. I figure it falls under their ‘fix privacy issues’ button. That does not tell you at all what ‘issues’ it is fixing.

  4. MAX ZEE

    lern 2 windows

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