Blackbird Privacy Tool will tweak Windows 10 Privacy & Telemetry settings

Windows 10 collects Telemetry that it sends back to its servers. Microsoft says that it does this to improve the user experience. Some of you may be fine with this – but some may consider this as an infringement on their privacy. If you are among the latter group, there here is another tool that can help you harden Windows 10 privacy settings. We have already taken a look at several Windows 10 Privacy Fixer Tools. Today let us take a look at Blackbird.

Via its Settings app, you can configure Windows 10 Privacy Settings as well as manage Windows 10 Telemetry and Data Collection. But Blackbird lets you do all this and more with a click.

Blackbird Windows 10 Privacy Tool

blackbird privacy tool

Blackbird is a Windows security tool which improves your privacy on your Windows PC. It is a simple and quick tool which helps you tweaking the security settings without having any specific tech knowledge or without spending hours of your valuable time. Unlike other security tools, Blackbird is simple, powerful and comes with a basic layout.

Blackbird is not a real-time security software but it is a program which creates a privacy wall for Windows which stops the automatic data collection and gives you the total control on your privacy. The program comes in a zipped file and requires no installation.

Download the tool, read the ReadMe file, create a system restore point and then run the executable. The tool will list the settings it considers are nor secure. Clicking on any key will apply all the settings to your PC. Make sure that your PC has an active internet connection so as to resolve the hostnames to IP addresses.

What Blackbird does

  • Blocks Telemetry- Blackbird blocks Windows reporting both on Network as well as application level. Without making any changes to the firewall settings, it removes the entire list of Windows telemetry updates, etc.
  • Improves Privacy- Disables the data collection and improves privacy and speed of your PC. The program also removes the ad-ID tracking token, password sharing, location sharing and P2P update sharing and also prevents diagnostic data, etc.
  • Removes Upgrade Pop-Ups- It removes all the downloaded pre-install files and upgrade files and folders from your PC and gives you a nag-free computer system. Furthermore, it disables the Windows Error Reporting and prevents your PC from all auto-installations and auto-loggers, etc.
  • Disables OneDrive, Xbox Live Services, Cortana, WiFi Sense, Bing integration, Start menu ads, and prevents cross-device synchronization.

Using some known and some less known techniques, Blackbird disarms Windows completely thereby giving you total control over your personal and private data. The program does not run in the background and makes no changes to your Windows Firewall settings.

Things to note:

  • To see all that it does, you will have to read the documentation on its website.
  • The tool does not offer a UI but operates with a command line interface.
  • This portable CLI offers you less control, in the sense that you cannot select which settings to apply. The tool applies them all!

Download Blackbird from its home page if you like what you see. It will surely help you reclaim your Windows and make it more private and secure.

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    It sounds pretty feature complete. I’ll have to install Windows X in a VM and give it a go.

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