AntiSpy: Control what Windows 10 knows about you


  1. This is a great article — thanks for that. On a side note, it’s really sad that Microsoft’s unethical snooping has led to the emergence blocking software to stop the intrusiveness. I see an emerging market for the major third-party software vendors. I blame Microsoft’s CEO who allowed this to happen – he was a bad choice from the start. And by the way, the more I use Windows 10, the more I think it is clunky.

  2. Ok, it is nice, but… …but as author write on the beginning of the article, Windows 10 is intelligent OS and when you decide to disable this function its smart abilities will be gone and you will have OS smart as Windows 95. So it is dilemma, to have smart system and be afraid about privacy or to have privacy protected system, but semi stupid. As I am not criminal and have no trade secrets, I prefer smart OS.

  3. Windows 10 (and now 8 & 7 retroactively via Windows Update) Telemetry…oh boy. I use several programs. Several because I’m comparing between them, but, I have an order of preference based on ability to restore default settings (aside from Windows System Restore, which is highly recommended before making changes), and thoroughness. Present order is 1) W10Privacy (DE), 2a) O&O ShutUp 10, 2b) Spybot Anti-Beacon, 3) DoNotSpy10, and 4) DisableWin10Tracking (github). I’ll also check (eventually, or not) Ashampoo AntiSpy and Destroy Windows 10 Spying. Do I hate Micro$oft telemetry?

  4. I received a letter from my insurance company telling me that unless I sign this letter with a check mark then buy a stamp and send it then they will share all my info to 3rd parties.
    As in I have to opt out in order for them to NOT share all my data.

    Who in their right mind would believe that you would WANT to be pestered by salesman and advertisers.
    I like most people in the 21st century know how to find what you want on Google or elsewhere, I don’t need my personal info splashed across the internet. This is why the EU sued and won to have their info be erasable.

    But no, not here in the United States of Greenbacks where you have to be put through a hassle in order to opt out of having your crap posted across the world.

    This is why I hate Facebook because you can’t be anonymous.

    I defended my position on Huffington one day with no inflammatory remarks and enough leftist jerks has my facebook banned until I gave them my phone number. Yes it was me who said that now what are you going to do about it! Absolutely nothing.
    As soon as they got my number I was directed to link with businesses in my area and that’s all it was about. Getting my personal info with any excuse to get it.

    This country sucks when it comes to any type of privacy. So much for human rights.

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