Compress, Decompress files easily with Ashampoo ZIP Free for PC


  1. How does it’s compression ratios compare with those of say Winrar or 7zip? I don’t see any comparisons on their site. If it’s not at least equal to or better than I wouldn’t even bother with it because all your doing then is downloading a pretty application that isn’t doing anything for you and with Ashampoo”s past track record that is not a good thing.

  2. Just as I thought……
    First, the compression ratios of this software don’t even compare to WinRAR or 7 zip
    Second, it installs adware on your system without your knowledge, so if you install, beware.
    Third, it’s not freeware it’s nagware, every time you click on something in the software all it does is nag you to purchase the pro version.
    This software sucks, shame on you for even reviewing this and recommending it, it’s obvious you have A LOT to learn about freeware and software.
    I am now uninstalling this and then scanning my system for malware and adverse effects.

  3. I downloaded and installed this software from the official link. It did not install any adware on my PC.The free version allows you to carry out only the 5 operations mentioned above. If you click on any other button, you will be taken to the upgrade page. When you exit the program, it may show you the upgrade screen.

    But no, it did not install any adware on my computer.

    I always install and check before I write a review about it.

  4. Anytime I install software on my computer and wind up with icons on my desktop that I did NOT agree to …. it’s adware.
    Anytime I install software on my system considered “freeware” that when I click on something and instead of getting a message like “function not allowed” I get thrown pop ups and nag screens, it is not freeware but nagware.
    Ashampoo was and is and always will be a shady software company , none of their products even come close to comparing with name brands and yet people still download and install them, I myself should have known better but just had to solve my own curiosity to test it.
    Is it worth the download? …… no, most certainly not.

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