Compress Files, Folder, Drive in Windows to save Disk Space


  1. sounds like a good feature if you’re limited in disk space. but, the consequence of having lower performance is a turn off. 🙁

  2. I had this once when my drive was compressed for some reason after a Windows Update for Vista. I used the boot CD to log into windows and open File Explorer. It then gave me the option to uncompress the disk. Was pretty proud of myself on that one.

  3. Hi… When Windows decides to compress the file? I have one backup file of 50 GB. Now I have around 100 GB free on that folder. Now backup starts and after 3 hours backup file size becomes 50 GB. But after 2 hours my job fails saying other process has locked the portion of this file which means windows has started compression. I know becuase no one else is connected to that file. So when windows 2003 server decides its time to compress??

  4. I’m using Ubuntu now, but several years ago I was using windows 7 professional version and my
    drive began failing indicating CFE config has been compressed, install system disk. The point
    is I have applications on that drive, if I re-install windows will the re-installation throw out the old

    Opinions? Helps? Suggestions? Recommendations?

    Chicago, Il

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