Windows does not boot after compressing System Drive


  1. Since I compressed my disk, my sreen displays “IWTLR is compressed … press ctrl+alt+del to restart” . But still pressing those buttons doesn’t change anything.
    Please do advice
    By the way, I use windows 7
    Thanks in advance

  2. IWTLR is probably your bootcode or the name that was given by win7 to your bootdrive. Try booting from your install disc, start recovery, at the first screen select “load drivers”, and then you should see drive “C:” , or it might appear as “system reserved”. Click on that drive. Then at the bottom of the window, DESELECT “compress this drive to save disk space”. Click ok, finish, and reboot.
    Compressing a small partition of 100 MB doesn’t really make sense anyway, it’s a bug in the compression algorithm of Win7/8, it should have skipped that partition automatically.

    READ the post – here on this page – because it tells you EXACTLY this, in detail.

    You will probably have to wait a few minutes for the decompression.

    Let me know if this helped you.

  3. Thanks a lot dear Attila Szabo . I shall do what you advised an keep you posted on the outcome.
    Nice day

  4. No problem. If it doesn’t help you, we’ll figure something out to help you anyway. The technological possibilities are here, we just need to use them 🙂

  5. I don’t know what happen to my laptop. But before I can use it tho it always prompt “Start up repair” and below it “Click windows to start normally.” But suddenly i can’t open it to windows normally. I thought it was due to virus or something. but I’m not really sure about it. But when we tried to have it check they say that the hard disk need to be change. Is there other options to fix it? Please help me. I really need your help. Thanks in advance. 🙂

  6. Your instructions were of assistance, the problem is solved, thank you very much!

  7. My laptop says, “CVFN is Compressed press ctrl+alt+del to restart your computer” I’ve tried using the install disk, but it won’t pull up through the disk either. It stays on the same black booting screen with the _

  8. I have done uncompressing but now im stuck with starting up with windows logo then it automatically restarts to windows error repair

  9. Sir good day i have a problem from my pc stked is compressed appear pls! Help what i will do.thank you.

  10. I have to say big thanks!!! You saved my day
    Very appreciated of the detail provided by the blogger
    This is a very very helpful information. Thumbs up!

  11. I have this problem too, but mine is SLAXC is compressed, press alt+ctrl+del to restart. But I cant enter my BIOS settings idk what to do anymore. Please help

  12. nvm my post. I already fix it. i just removed my CMOS and i can enter my BIOS again, then after that i inserted the Windows disc and started the repair. thanks

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