Ashampoo Slideshow Studio – Make a slideshow with music and pictures for free

A good slideshow can create a great impact on your audience whereas a bad one can make it all go down in vain. If you are creating a slideshow, make sure it is well organized, has good slides and some really good transitions. Ashampoo Slideshow 2019 can help you do that. It will help you make a slideshow with music and pictures for free.

Ashampoo Slideshow Free for Windows PC

This free software will help you make the interesting and attractive slideshows with just a few clicks. Be it your vacations pictures, your work presentation or any school project, Ashampoo Slideshow can do it all. It is a simple software with a very intuitive interface and even a beginner can use it easily. Let’s learn how to use this software to make great presentations.

1] Create a dynamic slideshow

Download and launch the program and start creating the slideshow. The interface is very intuitive and the main overview has it all. Start by selecting a new project, Click on File and select New. Open a New Simple project if you want you to use the preloaded themes, or else click on New Project. Add pictures you want in the Slideshow and proceed.

2] Add pictures

Browse your PC and start adding the pictures. You can select multiple pictures by pressing the CTRL button on your PC. There is also a preview option in the right pane where you can see what picture you are adding. Now when you are done with adding the pictures, you can create a slideshow right away by clicking on Produce Slideshow.

You also have the option of adding some text or shapes to your images.

3] Add Animations To Your Slideshow

Animations make your slideshow interesting but don’t go overboard with them. Pick the animations according to the theme of your slideshow. Not every animation suits every slideshow. To add an animation, click the space between the images in the storyline and select the animations which suits the best to your slideshow.

4] Add Music Effects To Your Slideshow

Music certainly adds an element to your slideshow. Ashampoo Slideshow 2019 has some of the music effects preloaded which you can add in your slideshow. It has effects like birds chirping, train sound, various bells, cartoon whistle, various alarms and much more. Go to the right pane and click on Music Effects and there you can see the entire collection.

5] Add Music To The Slideshow

Apart from the music effects, you can also add the music files to your slideshow but the program doesn’t have any of the preloaded music files. You have to browse your PC to add music. Click on the Music icon in the right pane and it will open a new pop-up as shown in the image above. Click on the + sign and add the music files from your PC.

Other settings include the autosave option, automatically replacing the missing images, setting the duration of slides and animations, text font, etc.

Overall, Ashampoo Slideshow 2019 is a nice and free utility which can quickly and easily turn your images into stunning slideshows with some good transitions, music effects, fades and opening/closing credits. Download it here and let us know how it helped you.

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