Spybot Anti-Beacon for Windows 10


  1. Another tool which has just been released is “O&O ShutUp10 1.0.134” and looks as though it does the same thing. I haven’t tried either program as you can pretty well stop privacy issues with Win 10’s own settings.

  2. O&O ShutUp does a much better job, provides greater flexibility, and provides details of exactly what is being disabled.

    I have been working in IT for 30 years and you should NEVER trust a “shot gun effect” program of this type that keeps you in the dark as to exactly what it is doing….anyone who says other wise is an idiot.

  3. Bitdefender Internet Security 2015 flags its action as a Virus (Trojan.QHost.Gen), please check !!!!
    O&O ShutUp is a better Option ………

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