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Some users are not particularly happy with Windows 10 due to privacy concerns, and this probably won’t change anytime soon. Not everyone knows how to keep Windows 10’s privacy issues under control, and as such, this is where a freeware known as ShutUp10 comes into play. We have already see how you can change Windows 10 Privacy settings.  That should suffice for most, but Microsoft has gone on record and said that Windows 10 data collection cannot be stopped.

O&O ShutUp10 review


ShutUp10 is designed to set Windows 10 straight and stop it from collecting certain data. Users can use it to stop Windows 10 from collecting all data, or just the ones that make you feel bad. The software simplifies the process, and that’s something that most people have always wanted.

How to use ShutUp10

First off, this free software does not require an installation of any kind. Just download the program to your preferred destination and move on from there. Furthermore, this software is only compatible with Windows 10 and requires .NET Framework to perform. Also, for the software to run properly, users must start it with administrator privileges.

When ShutUp10 is launched, a simple graphic user interface is brought into play. From here, the program gives the user the option to turn off around 50 items. Each item is grouped into several categories, and these include –

  1. Security
  2. Privacy
  3. Location services
  4. User behavior
  5. Windows Update.

To make sure things never go off the rails, the program includes the ability to create a restore point. Doing this is recommended to make sure that if something goes wrong, the operating system can be restored to a point before it happened.

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Now, we have a major problem with the listed options. None of them provide much information, so users may have no idea what some of these things do. However, clicking on any option will reveal more details, but not enough from our point of view.

O&O ShutUp10 review

When it comes down to Settings, there’s no such option here apart from the import and export settings, none of which are important, and that’s great. Just jump in and disable the options you want to go without the need of tampering about.

Final Verdict:

ShutUp10 deserves props because it makes it possible for people who do not understand how to go about freeing themselves of Microsoft’s perceived privacy violations, to easily get Windows 10 under control. We can only hope Microsoft in the future, makes things just as easy because no one likes it when their privacy is being taken advantage of, and no one likes it when too much work needs to be done to set things straight.

Download ShutUp10 from the official website.

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