1. Dan

    Thanks for reminding there’s no difference between MS online password and password entered on disk with Windows 10…really helped!

  2. Scott

    OK, what about the case where there is NO windows account associated with the computer, the login is a nice traditional local Admin Account? Password worked fine, then the computer was restarted and now is not correct. This is the crap MS is doing to force their business model to the same as Apple. Bloody cloud computing was invented for the internet providers and data plans to fleece you. In short the online solution ONLY works if you associated your account with the device, in this case a lap top.

  3. You mean, even when you are using Local Account to sign in to your PC, you receive this error?

  4. Scott

    Correct. The pc has NEVER been associated with an online account, the OS was upgraded from Win 7

  5. Robert

    I am also having an issue logging into my laptop with windows 10 except mine is associated with my online live account which i have no trouble logging into on my phone or xbox. It started 3 days ago and i have no solution yet The pin feature i had set up will not allow me to submit my pin i can type it but nothing happens when i press enter. And when i try a system restore instead of asking me.for the admin password on the comuter it is asking for the one associated with my live account and still tells me it is wrong. If i wanted to try to reinstall windows and just start over which i am contemplating, i have the free upgrade to windows 10 from Windows 7 and do not think i have a product key to reinstall

  6. Mohamed Abdelhady

    The same problem exactly happened with me, any recommendation ??

  7. Sotero

    Usually I use PCUnlocker and Ophcrack.

  8. Mike Trebilcock

    I had num lock turn on, being a laptop the number pad keyboard is shared with the normal keyboard, so when I was typing my password then it was the letters that were appearing it was the numbers, except you can’t see because its a password and whilst it tells you if you have caps lock on, it doesn’t mention num lock. I realised the problem by entered by password with the on screen keyboard, then opening a text editor and typing my password, and then it was obvious!

  9. Stefan

    This Problems occurs if you sign on Microsoft Account (connect you PC with Microsoft).
    You have 2 Logon-Accounts instead of just one.
    Each time you startup Computer, there is a error message “incorrect password”.

    Sign on without Password or PIN not possible anymore (security, e.g. Credit Cards connected to your MS Account).

    For using PIN follow these steps without restart:
    – Press WinKey+R, Type netplwiz and Press Enter
    – activate Checkbox “User must enter a user name and password …” press button Apply
    – Press WinKey+S, Type Sign-in options
    – Change PIN
    – Now Restart

  10. RdWd

    I think I had a unique problem.
    Every time I’d wake my computer from sleep mode and enter my password (carefully and precisely), Windows would tell me it was incorrect. Then, on a second try it ALWAYS worked. Very puzzling. What it actually turned out to be was that after the first three keystrokes the position of the blinking cursor would reset itself to the beginning. This obviously meant I was entering a jumbled entry.

    It still does it, so I have no option other than to enter incorrectly then enter correctly each time.

  11. Enrique Preza

    Happens exactly the same to me. I have an HP Envy laptop, with this fingerprint scanner. But I don’t know if it has something to do with the computer, the OS version, a software or anything…

  12. jimgnuneaton .

    My problem is after my PC sleeps it wont accept my password. I login as a traditional local Admin Account. I have to reboot and then it accepts my password. really annoying if I leave pc for an emergency and don’t save my work!

    I have spent many evenings trying to overcome many problems after upgrading to windows 10. Hours and hours of wasted time that could have been avoided if Microsoft had done its work right!

  13. robWeeve

    widows 10 on an old computer NEVER had this problem. a month ago i got a new computer with 10 and today is the 6th time i’ve had to change my password and in order to make it work i have to force quit the computer and reboot it. this change in 10 is a piece of sh!t.

  14. Leonardo Alves Naves

    That’s WAY beside the point. The “wrong PIN” bug is currently a grand scale bug which affects tons of users, this is not an user faulty problem anymore. I mean, like a hell lot of people on forums, I logged with my online password, changed the PIN, and STILL DOESN’T WORK (yeah, not everyone is lazy enough not to check the input language, etc) . This is a serious security matter and you’re just posing it as a “err.. you users are dumb…” kind of problem.

  15. AmZar

    OK So how do I do ANY of this? I can’t even log in to my computer at all

  16. Nick

    I recently had to do a Windows reset following a Windows update casing the machine not to boot at all, and after the reset, I was required to log in (previously I wasn’t) with my account password. What I have noticed is that for around five minutes after booting, entering the correct password results in an error message, but after that, the same password logs me in. Perhaps my PC to keep me waiting while it fully wakes up!

  17. Crippled by UK State goons

    Fed up of being `tracked like a dog` across my own home/network by creeps in California. I have lost the plot about which password for which account, on which device mixed up with 7 e-mails and 50 accounts for games programs and hosts with dozens of passwords; making me wanna give up as they demand my persona mobile phone number.
    I am ready to burn them all.

    Even this required me to sign in through either of 2 different methods, one of which demanded my (real?) name (but currently settled for my password after Repeated attempts..
    Twitter/Facebook used to allow you to use a fake name, but then they criminalized that privacy in the States.
    Brown nuggets to them all.

  18. Crippled by UK State goons

    I still get confused as to if Microsoft want our e-mail password so they can browse all our e-mails after signing in.

  19. Crippled by UK State goons

    I am seriously thinking of moving to LinuxMint 17, even though it means losing maybe $15,000 in Steam games access.

  20. Pradag

    Forgot password for Lenovo

  21. PradaG

    I was trying to locked my laptop I done it but is not working now

  22. Michael A

    My secretary’s laptop: Wrong password, tried ten times, checked all the obvious possibilities. Rebooted twice, same error message. Tried logging in with my admin account and pin and it wouldn’t work. Had to log onto my MS account and reset password, final reset to what it was before and now works as before. What a pain.

  23. TwittleDEE

    I do not have a password I have not signed on to Microsoft with this computer either. Upon reboot to my surprise it wanted me to enter a password that doesn’t exist. I clicked enter leaving password blank and it said wrong password. Thought I was hacked so I reimaged my computer back to a month ago. After rebooting the computer did the same thing it wanted a password. The only thing I’m doing different is I refused to let Microsoft update my computer through Windows 10. I have my Internet access set on metered connection only. I also disabled Windows update in services but Windows somehow turned it back on even though when I go to check it says it’s disabled. I am seriously one step away from going to Linux!!

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