Windows Password Recovery : Recover lost, forgotten Windows password

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  1. Frank also works well.

  2. Jim Boyd

    This thing has been around for ages…there are many newer/better that have GUI.

  3. Frank

    Can you name any free one’s Jim?

  4. Jim Boyd

    There is one that uses a Vista PE…the name escapes me at the moment.As soon as I return home from this business trip I will post the name and a link to it for you.

  5. Fergus Mo

    Help, when i try running e:syslinux.exe -ma e: it says “unsupported media” and fails.

  6. Amar

    PCUnlocker is easier.

  7. jjstccean

    It’s not free.

  8. Tomas

    Some people like this one: “Free Windows Password Recovery 3.5.1”

  9. Mohamed Naleef Abdul Salam

    we can use konboot also

  10. John de Bourbon

    My issue deals with 2 passwords that I have forgot: one in MS Word 2016; the other in MS Excel 2016. Can you assist me in recovering my forgotten passwords? I’m OK with my WIN 10 Pro (Home Edition) password.

  11. Raquel Gutierrez

    can i save this in my flash drive to use it to unlock another laptop?

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