1. Password Recovery Expert

    You can try recover original password (not password reset) with the Windows Password Recovery Service rixler.com also at a charge.

  2. Tim

    If you lost your password. I think the best solution is using Windows password recovery tool to reset the password. Make a password reset disk with the tool and reset your password quickly and safely.

  3. Annyyu22

    I hope this can help you.last month my sister had the same problem,and then we solved it as follow: There is a way to reset the password and it doesn’t involve reformatting and reunstalling Windows. The solution is called “Windows Password Key 8.0”. It is the most popular and safe solution for resetting your Windows password until now.

  4. Jacy Andrew

    Yes it is very true that Windows password recovery software has really made it easy to reset password to blank by using Bootable CD.

  5. Braden Dodge

    All Windows computers (non-Domain of course) are vulnerable to a hack using Sticky Keys or in the case of Windows 10, Sticky Keys or UtilMan.exe. This hack works on Vista up through Windows 10.
    Step 1: boot to a Windows installation medium for the pertinent version of Windows (Windows 7,8,10,etc and Home or Pro or Ultimate), you can use DVD or USB flash.
    Step 2: go to the Command Line / Recovery Environment in the “Repair my computer” options.
    Step 3: navigate in Command Line to the hard drive (note: may not be the C:/ drive when booted int the recovery environment; starts out in the X:/ drive which is a “virtual” drive [may not be correct terminology] for the recovery environment)
    Step 3: Go to C:/Windows/System32
    Step 4: take admin privileges of Command Line and Sticky Keys executables. Type this:
    takeown /f sethc.exe
    icacls sethc.exe /grant administrators:f
    takeown /f cmd.exe
    icacls cmd.exe /grant administrators:f
    Step 5: Back up sticky keys executable to be restored later. Type this:
    ren sethc.exe sethc.exe.bak
    Step 6: replace sticky keys executable with a copy of the command line executable. Type this:
    copy cmd.exe sethc.exe
    Step 7: reboot
    Step 8: once at the login, hit the shift key rapidly 5 times in a row. A system level administrative command prompt will appear. WARNING: this is the highest level of privilege you can get inside the Windows OS environment. BE CAREFUL what you do here lol.
    Step 9: reset the password. Type this:
    net user *
    Note: username is the user name of the profile you want access to.
    Enter a new password when prompted. You can’t see what your typing so BE CAREFUL. If you screw it up, you can always go back to step 8 though 🙂
    Step 10: reboot and login 😀
    Step 11: go back to Step 1 and proceed to Step 3
    Step 12: remove the sticky keys admin prompt (unless you want to keep it and are not worried about an unauthorized person using it, such as on a laptop; I know if I were a nefarious hacker type, this is the first thing I would check, as many techs use this to gain access to a locked machine but forget to remove it afterward). Type this:
    del sethc.exe
    ren sethc.exe.bak sethc.exe
    Congratulations! You’re all done! You have hacked your password!
    Note: in Windows 10, instead of sethc.exe you can substitute it with utilman.exe. Now at the login screen, instead of mashing the shift key, you just click the blue Ease of Access button in the bottom right corner. I prefer this one actually, because if you DO somehow forget to undo what you did, at least the customer is not freaked out when they see an admin command prompt pop up when they press the shift key 5 times in a row. LOL
    Extra Note: to make your computer NOT vulnerable to this hack, simply disable Sticky Keys. Unfortantely, I do not believe there is a way to disable Ease of Access, beyond deleting Utilman.exe (NOT RECOMMENDED), and even if you did that, all I would need to do was copy over utiman.exe from another computer, or in my case, from my handy flash drive of hacking….ahem, IT support…tools 😛

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