1. Is this password the one stored in the password manager or your actual password used when switching on?

  2. It is the password you use first, when you start your Windows, and log in.

  3. Thanks Anand I’ve often wondered I made a password disc as recommended by Win 7. I have more than one computer both win 7 but I use the same password for for both. Have you the info on sharing on a LAN? I have problems with that. no big rush

  4. I was wondering that every morning at the log-in the system replies:
    Your PC is offline. Please sign in with the last password used on this PC
    As I know my password very well and had not changed it in the last 4 months, this is kinda futile. I always have to type the password twice, before the log-in happens.

    Using a Surface Pro 2 with Windows 8.1 Update.

  5. StrayCat

    I think it’s useful to create an offline admin account…just in case 🙂

  6. Arun Gopinath

    we cant login without internet connection ?

  7. rafa

    How do you connect to internet when you cannot access the Field for typing in internet password?

  8. Infidel

    No this didn’t help. This happens to me on a daily basis now. I can’t login offline. I verify that I’m typing in the correct password. But I go online and suddenly it works.

    I’m pretty sure the problem is with the way windows 8 stores the password. It is corrupted or something and I need to correct the problem instead of hearing someone try to blame the user.

  9. AnUrbanLegend

    I had this problem today too. The only way I was able to log in was to reboot the Surface. Once rebooted, I was able to login even while offline. Hope this helps.

  10. Ashley

    My pc isn’t connecting to wifi at all which is stopping me from logging in. What can help?

  11. Meg

    This happened to me last night and I had not changed my password or anything. My computer went to sleep while I was watching a movie and then I just could not get back on it. I tried restarting it logging into a different account it just kept telling me I was offline. I shut it down and was going to have my husband help me in the morning and I wake up and he was already on it and said he had no problem…weird I wonder why it happoned?

  12. shirley

    I tried to put my password into my surface 2 but it just says offline put in last used password.
    now i know I’m on line and my password was correct as i keep it in my address book.
    After trying afew times i used my samsung tablet to change my microsoft password microsoft sent me a code which i used to reset my password, this i did on my samsung tablet.
    i then went to log in my surface 2 but I’m still getting the same message please help.

  13. Marlow Ford

    Thanks for your information. After update forgot to make sure I was connected to Internet. I need to know more about Windows 10.

  14. Imran Ariffin

    Windows 10 basically fails

  15. Susie Smith Dial

    This was absolutely NOT useful. I have never set a password to log on to this computer. The “please login screen” appears randomly. The machine asks for my Outlook email password and promptly rejects it every time. IF it does manage to connect to the internet, it will continue to refuse the password. This is becoming so frustrating, especially when my son has to go to the local library in order to complete his homework. I never had this problem before the automatic upgrade to Windows 10.

  16. Susie Smith Dial

    Something has to try in order to fail. Windows 10 just doesn’t care.

  17. Lauren Reggelsen

    how do i turn this setting off if i dont have internet at home?

  18. Diana

    I used the on-screen keyboard to type in the password, click on the icon next to the wifi icon to open a menu list to get the on-screen keyboard. my password worked, same one as i had before i upgraded to windows 10

  19. Vicki

    I have tried to reset my (Hotmail) password at least a dozen times. Microsoft itself is not responding. It will ask for my email or phone number, I enter it and press NEXT and nothing. No spinning, nada. IT came down and has not been able to figure out why Microsoft is locking up.

  20. adaf

    Hey just got the same Problem but found out it works again with LAN. It means, you have to put in your cable into your computer and just wait

  21. Jan Andersson

    How can I fix the problem if I can’t log in at all?

  22. Dan

    This might help: I used a different password than my windows password for the laptop. During the last session i logged onto my microsoft account and for some reason the laptop switched the laptop password to the one I use for the Microsoft account. Try using the password that you use for the microsoft account. windows 10

  23. William

    If a computer has been without power for a long time, this error MAY be coming from an improperly set clock! If the clock isn’t set, the certificates used to sign login to the MS Live servers won’t work, and the computer will not automatically update the time by itself without someone logging in. Try setting the time using the BIOS utility and trying again – it should work!

  24. pachipulusu jagadeesh

    i want know how to connect without internet connection

  25. The Tek


  26. Aliyu Lekan Hismerheel

    I hv tried all day process ON longing ON d pc,,,, it’s dose note work for jst telling Me rough password,,,, And d order 1 with online logon repeated same process… …dnt no wat 2 du again……. I dnt dnt wanna restore My system

  27. ammu

    but its not connecting to wifi also now

  28. What a dumb answer. Thats like saying to get 2 million dollars, first get 1 million then invest it! HOW do I do #1? When I can’t get access to my desktop? “1] If your device is set to automatically connect to Wi-Fi, ensure that it is properly connected to the Internet or Network and restart it.”

  29. Let me dumb it down further for you: If your device is set to automatically connect to Wi-Fi, ensure that it is properly connected to the Internet… etc… Make sure that your router, connection, cables, plugs, etc are all properly connected and that there are no loose connections.

  30. Le Manh Hung

    My laptop problem is that I cannot login with correct password, I have change password online but the result is not changed. 1 more problem is it can not connect wifi while other devices can access. Plz help!

  31. Lightning

    Exactly. I find the total discussion here no help at all. Microsoft account? What? So far as i know I don’t have one, and of course I cannot get into my password program while locked out of the computer. I was not “using a Microsoft Account to log into your Windows 10,” I just turned the machine on, period.

    I have a password on my computer. The message this article is about came up on restart. My password was not accepted. Eventually I tried my email password since my email address – oddly – was displayed with the message, as in the photo above. That got me in. Blind luck it was. I find the whole thing idiotic and would like to throttle someone!

    If someone could just simply say WHAT password it was looking for, and why the machine (account) password was not accepted, that would be a start. From here it seems nothing more than a crippling flaw, a stone program error in Win 10.

    It seems being offline had something to do with the appearance of the message. What in hades does that have to do with being able to log on? Anyone?

  32. Lightning


  33. Lightning

    If you can’t operate the computer, because you are locked out, “ensure that you are connected” is simply not helpful. All you can do while locked out is see that you have no internet. Other than checking for loose wires, which should logically have Nothing to do with logging on, you can’t do squat.

    WHY does it matter if you have an internet connection or not? Why does the internet connection have Anything to do with logging on to your own computer??

  34. Lost

    Thank you for this response. None of the other comments were helping me but thankfully I read yours. Although my email address was not displayed, just my name, I typed in my email password and it opened. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. It started with updates at home. When it reached 100%, I closed it and brought it to work. Almost had a major panic attack because I need my files. So again I say Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

  35. Lightning

    Thank you for the kind words – made my stunted techie day! But all I did was get randomly lucky and pass it on. Who knows what the system that owns our computers will want next? No worries, I’ll “contact my Administrator!”

    It does seem, from my experience and what I’m reading here, that sometimes, this behavior has something, to do with not being online. (We’s just had a power otage here and I only “got lucky” after resetting the modem) Which makes no sense at all, since you should certainly be able to use your computer even when you cannot connect to the internet. Why should not being connected prevent logon? Right below this box I’m writing in, in the next comment, I see “But I go online and suddenly it works.”

  36. berfava

    I had this problem today right after Windows secretly updated itself at night without asking my permission. I was in a conference with no wifi and simply couldn’t get my password accepted. Right after I connected into a wifi (after failing to take notes with my windows notebook) it magically worked!

    It seems Microsoft doesn’t want us to use our notebooks without internet. If you want to use it on an airplane or in a farm, you need to buy a macintosh because windows will not let you in to use your files. It’s creepy how they make the OS worse in every update!

    Windows 10, Dell XPS 13” most expensive version

  37. Peter Smith

    THANK YOU for this “2] In the bottom right part of the screen you will see network icons that will let yo connect to the Internet. Click on your WiFi/Broadband icon and a panel will open from the right side as follows:” YIPEEEEEEEEE

  38. Brent

    I just updated windows 10 on my laptop and I keep getting the offline message, but I never used or created a password for it I only made a PIN number. I have no clue what to do.

  39. Demetri B

    What if you cannot get online at all?

    Windows seems to block wifi connection access. You can always ATTEMPT to logon to a connection but it never goes further than “limited”.

  40. Demetri B

    Anand, my laptop IS set to connect to Wi-Fi…it had been all day. I had Windows sending me messages about the upgrade and I put it off until i had done my work. Connecting to a variety of Wi-Fi channels was child’s play. THEN I let Windows download and install their updates. I get that dreaded message about the device being offline. Suddenly I cannot access ANY Wi-Fi channel.

  41. Can you log in using the password of your Microsoft Account?

  42. Enter your Microsoft Account password. That should get you in. Else see if something here helps you: https://www.thewindowsclub.com/wi-fi-does-not-work-windows-10 … Try the new Network Reset feature.

  43. Sss

    So what if I don’t have WIFI? My phone is connected so I know there’s internet but for some reason the laptop does not connect so I can’t do anything! I tried setting up a hotspot from my ohone but I can’t…something about my phone’s plan.

  44. Sss

    Also, I live on campus so my Internet is from the University so it’s kind of difficult to check the router, cables etc

  45. Jacqueline M

    MR. Khanse…You sir are an angel and a life saver!!! Thank you for this post!

  46. Stephen

    I bought this HP 2000 from my brother for offline use only, how do I fix this problem offline and remove his outlook account from the device

  47. Daridrya Bhanjan Mohanty

    My account already exist in Google,but offline in YouTube asking for sign in.

  48. Arun Khandelwal

    I have updated my Lenovo laptop with the latest version of windows 10. Now, when I am trying to sign in with my fingerprint or pin, it shows that my device is offline. I tried reset my password, updated bio-metric drivers, but nothing worked. I am still facing this problem. What should I do?

  49. Peter Corby

    Just to say “Thank You” for the advice. The first set of instructions worked as I had not used the laptop for months and had changed my microsoft password and could not remember the old one. Thanks again

  50. S Kamel

    Laughably incomprehensible.

  51. Andrew Lieb

    I just don’t know how to fix this confusing problem on my Windows 10 device. The only problem is, my Wi-Fi icon is saying that I am connected to the Internet, but when I log in, it says that my device is offline, meaning I can’t access any online features such as Steam or Origin. I’ve tried literally everything I know to fix this stubborn problem. I’ve tried restarting my PC, I’ve tried reconnecting to my Wi-Fi on my computer, I’ve tried rebooting my modem, but nothing works!

  52. Mimi Falls

    Login to Windows

  53. Simon

    December 2017. My personal computer couldn’t access the internet after the latest Windows 10 update. I thought it might have been the update itself causing the problem. After a few days of working with 3rd party technicians to try to solve it, I brought my computer in to a Microsoft store. They diagnosed it free of charge and were able to override the Norton anti virus software that had kicked in and locked me from my computer. I hope this helps others. Happy new year.

  54. Simon

    To clarify, it was the Norton program that suspected a problem and closed off access to the internet. But without internet access, I couldn’t enter my password for Windows 10, thereby effectively locking me out of my computer in my case. I was able to access some basic functionality to try and repair the issue. In retrospect it’s probably better I didn’t attempt any repairs or setting restore points (none of the options were operational as it turns out) because I didn’t lose any programs, files, internet favorites, etc. Hope it helps.

  55. syed

    I should have checked your post before calling microsoft support. They charged me $109.99 to resolve this problem. The problem was my laptop was not connected to WIFI 🙁

  56. Kim Yen Pham

    i was successful thks you very much !!!

  57. steve

    i am trying to log into my pc (windows 10), i can’t member the previous password, i’ve tried holding shift on reboot, it won’t work, imenu, it won’t accept my wifi setting (despite having used the very same wifi on the pc previously. i cannot access any menus, i cannot access the start menu, there is no option for ‘i have forgotten my password’ – i have tred my outlook password – nothing seems to work, i’m getting hacked off now, can anybody help me please?

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