Refresh PC & Reset PC in Windows 8


  1. So other than the name change for these features….what exactly has changed?

    The “Refresh” option is just an improved/modified version of the “System Resore” function that has existed sense Windows XP. Unfortunately, it will likely be just as vulnerable to viruses and Trogens as it’s preissesor.

    The “Reset” option does exactly the same thing as the Restore Media/Partition that ALL OEMs currently suppy.

    Methods to resore from “restet” disk have also existed for some time and ways to use USB media are also pretty common.

  2. No, the basic reset returns the (system) registry entries and all of the system files back to their original state when the system was installed. It leaves everything else alone.

    The advanced reset completely returns the drive back to when it was first installed; removing everything else.

    That’s not Windows XP and the only way you get any of that with Acronis or Paragon is if you created an image just after you installed the system. There IS a freeware called RefreshPC by which returns the basic system registry back to factory settings but it does nothing for system files. SFC attempts to restore system files but it works differently than Win8 and it doesn’t work all the time.

  3. stock. In the restore section and there is no way to get into any other section but in there and it keeps going and going and going and its been longer than 20 minutes.”

  4. will not let me get into any reset mode it just keep saying over and over failure configuring Windows Updates reverting changes do not turn off your computer and it keeps doing it over and over and over again

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