How to Refresh Windows 8


  1. Thanks a lot for this tuto!
    My question is, after the refresh , a new folder will be create named “Windows.old”
    can i remove it without a problem ?

  2. The ‘refresh’ wiped out my wi-fi and all programs (Office 2010, etc) that were running. Only thing not working were the tiles, so I really goofed by using ‘refresh’.

  3. Win 8 full release version (not the preview this article refers to) has a number of bugs in it too. So far, I see ZERO value in having it over win 7 or perhaps even XP. (I have a new touch screen too… whoppee!) All it seems to be good for is making your PC work like a phone or tablet so they can sell you the “apps” that they have written or ported over for it. Perhaps Microsoft as a company needed to do it or end up obsolete. My advice if your looking for a new PC, don’t worry if the PC has win 8 or not. Perhaps win 9 will offer NEW FEATURES to PC users; Win 8 has nothing new under the sun for the PC but the apps your table or phone can already run. Besides, there is a program for the PC that lets you run apps if you really need to run the low power code of an app right now anyways.

  4. Why is my windows 8 doesn’t show Windows Recovery Menu after pressing F8?? Please I badly needed

  5. you can delete it its safe. windows.old file is your old windows configuration file and maybe you stored something so you can get it back

  6. hello,

    thanks for helping. 🙂 Only the thing is my PC came with windows 8 already installed. what now?

  7. Thanks for the details.. but the questions are……
    1. should i have to re install my drivers or re update them?
    2. i am using several software like Photoshop, I tunes, and even some games, should i re install them to work with or they will run as like as before?
    3. should i re install my browsers?

    thanks in advance…

  8. my windows upgrade to 8 was a download. my laptop does not have a disc drive Is there any hope for me I read a reference to repairing by Brink but have been unable to locate Brinks tutorial

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