Switch back to Local Account, from Microsoft Account in Windows 8.1


  1. Don’t even see the option to “Change to a local account” in either simple user settings or control panel user settings !

    could it be because I’m logged in to domain account ?

  2. Have you tried this? Sign-in to Windows 8 with Microsoft account, From Start screen, Press WinKey+I to open Settings, Click ‘Change PC settings’ >Users > And there you’ll have ‘Switch to a local account’.

    Or have you tried creating a new users account?

    The above article was pre-RT .

  3. My issue is similar in Win 10, but I have logged in with a Microsoft Account. Now that I’m trying to create a Local account, I put in a password with numbers, letters, and symbols, but it halts saying my password isn’t complex enough for my PC’s standards (an HP Elitebook 8440p). How should I proceed?

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