Use Local Account, Switch back to it, from Microsoft Account in Windows 8.1/8

As you know, there are various methods for logging on to a PC running Windows 8.1/8. If you had opted for logging on using Microsoft Account during the installation of Windows 8 or changed to Microsoft Account log on later, but have now decided that you want to switch back to logging on using the Local account,  here is how it’s done. But before that, let us see you can select Local Account sign in option during installation itself.

Use Local Account for sign in Windows 8.1/8

During the installation of Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, after you have selected  Use Express Settings or Customize, when you are asked to sign in to your Microsoft account, select the Don’t have an account option. Then you will be offered the option to Create a new Microsoft Account or Sign in without a Microsoft account. Click on Sign in without a Microsoft account. You will then be offered the option to create a local account. Enter Username, Password and Password Hint.

Switch back to Local Account from Microsoft Account

But if you already selected the Microsoft Account option, but now want to switch back to a Local Account, you can do so as follows:

Open Control panel by clicking on the Control Panel app on the Start screen, click on ‘More Settings’ > User Accounts. Click on ‘Change to a local account’

You’ll see this screen. Enter the current password and click Next

Enter the required information required to log in using a local account from now on.

Click Next

Now you are ready to change to the local account. You will, therefore, be now logged off, so save any unsaved work if any and then click on Log off and finish.

After logging off, for the log on, you will now be provided with a local account login.

You should know that there some benefits of using Microsoft Account log on and it offers some cool features as it syncs some settings across PCs you use. It also syncs settings like browser favorites, history, shortcuts, passwords for the various services you use.

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  1. Wasim

    Don’t even see the option to “Change to a local account” in either simple user settings or control panel user settings !

    could it be because I’m logged in to domain account ?

  2. Helga

    I have the same problem what is the solution

  3. vasudev

    Have you tried this? Sign-in to Windows 8 with Microsoft account, From Start screen, Press WinKey+I to open Settings, Click ‘Change PC settings’ >Users > And there you’ll have ‘Switch to a local account’.

    Or have you tried creating a new users account?

    The above article was pre-RT .

  4. stevehammond4

    My issue is similar in Win 10, but I have logged in with a Microsoft Account. Now that I’m trying to create a Local account, I put in a password with numbers, letters, and symbols, but it halts saying my password isn’t complex enough for my PC’s standards (an HP Elitebook 8440p). How should I proceed?

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