Benefits of using Microsoft Account in Windows 10


  1. i would use it but my digital persona fingerprint reading software doesn’t work for logon when i use my ms account, it only works with my local account, haven’t a clue why, anyone any ideas ??

  2. Correction: You can download apps from the MS Store using a local account. BTW, you are cute… I would totally hit that.

  3. Yeah, you are right mate; we can install the app using a local account, but you need to sign in to your MS account before you install it on your system. Please correct me if I am wrong 🙂

  4. Yes Darren, there have been several reports on the Internet that fingerprinting reading software do not work when MS account is used for logon. Can you check if updating drivers help you?

  5. Shiwangi Peswani is right. Once you register/login with the Microsoft Account, you don’t have to log in again. All you have to do is choose “Store” and you’re in.

  6. Hello, Ms. Peswani.

    I’m running a lot of Metro apps in a local account.

    I do have a question: Is there a way to keep all my settings if I switch from a Local account to an MS one?



  7. Hi Saniago
    Although I am not sure, it is my understanding, that all the app settings will be preserved, even if you switch from a local account to a Microsoft account.

  8. Whatever advantage it gives, the main Q’s are:

    1. What is the need of signing in with MS ac if we can have s/w which don’t need it?

    2. Why to have a MS ac just to use MS Store apps?

    3. Most apps need internet connection, so Why choose Web Based Apps?

    4. Just to download & use free Apps, why to login to MS Store?

    5. Why to share our private/personal app usage & other info of the app with the user to MS?

    6. Why the free apps limited to single MS ac that needs transfer of apps to another a/c when we change email?

    7. Why to share our fav app linked to email[When email gets hacked, everything of our files get hacked!]

  9. When you reformat, all settings (wallpaper, favorites, contacts, Start Screen, windows 8 apps from the app store) get restored. Any desktop programs that were on the PC prior to the reformat and were pinned on the start screen will automatically be repined in the exact category once it is installed.

  10. hey..i usualy download cracked or patched version of games..if i signup,will it affect those game..because basically those game are illegal

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