Make your Windows 8 Computer a Trusted PC

A Trusted PC is a Microsoft account security feature. You can use a Trusted PC to verify your identity automatically and perform sensitive actions like resetting your password or managing your billing info without having to enter a security code each time. Having said that, one should only trust private PCs, not public PCs that others may have access to.

If you forget your password, or if someone gains unauthorized access to your Microsoft account, it’s easier to reset your password from your Trusted PC, as when you request to have your password reset from a Trusted PC, Microsoft believes that you are who you say you are and doesn’t require you to provide any additional information to verify your account. If you share a Trusted PC with other people, he may change your Microsoft account password thereby stopping you from accessing your own Trusted PC.

Trusted PC in Windows 8

Let us in this post learn how to make a Windows 8 computer a Trusted PC. First, access the Charms bar by pressing Win+C key in combination, and from the list, select ‘Settings’. Next, select ‘Change PC Settings’.

trusted pc

Once there, choose the following option – Sync Your Settings.

Just adjacent to this option and in the right-pane under Passwords, you will notice ‘Trust this PC‘ link highlighted in blue. Click on the link.

trust this pc

Now, the Action Center will open up. Hit the Trust this PC button under the ‘Security’ section. When you add a Trusted PC to your security, you’ll be prompted to confirm the change. Microsoft may send a confirmation email to your alternate email address or a security code to your mobile phone.

Soon after you click Trust this PC, Internet Explorer should open the Microsoft Account Settings page for you. When it does, type in the code that Microsoft sends via text to your smartphone or via email.

trustedpc - correct code

If it does not, click “I didn’t get the code”. This will let you login to your Microsoft account and select the way you want the code to be sent to you. Make You can get an automated phone message, a text or have it sent via email. Make the desired changes you want to.


That’s it! For each Windows 8 computer you set as trusted, it will be listed under your trusted devices.


So make sure you designate your Windows 8 computer as a Trusted PC, if you haven’t already done so.

Windows 10 users can Verify your identity on this PC.

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  1. my pc is trusted but i have to use a local account because my finger print reader wont work for log in when i am signed into to my microsoft account for reasons beyond me, does anyone here know what the problem might be??

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